White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Final

Friday, November 12, 2004



I'm really behind on this stuff. I spent a wad of time watching 'Saving Private Ryan' on Thurs Night. There are apparently a wad of people who are all queued up to send in complaints the minute it airs on Network Television. They need hobbies. I hear more cursing in my daily life than what I heard on the tube. Wieners. Just before the show came on, the Mrs went out to get the new cordless telephone system. Our hodge-podge system right now is awful. Half the phones wont work beyond the room they are in and the other half are just plain broken. I hope that this set will cure all that ails us. She got home just as the show was coming on. Since the kids were still awake, I had to miss the first thirty minutes or so. Had to get the kids bathed and off to bed. I don't think it would have done them any good to see the first 30 minutes of this film. Very ... graphic. The rest of the night, I could hear them coughing away. We may need to bring them in for a visit if they cannot shake this congestion.

I did not go to sleep after the show ended. I just laid back and listened to the periodic hacking of the children. Eventually, I slipped off into my typically bizarre dream-land from which I obtain no closure on the days unresolved events. Events like what Friday eventually brings. Alexis resisting the change and dress routine in the morning. She does not want daddy to go to work, so she resists and twists. Her bawling and assertion of 'NO DADDY!' is to no avail, but it does not stop her from trying. The rain coming down makes the leaves slick and everyone drives either insanely fast or absurdly slow. Absurdly slow is nice since my head hurts and the Query from Hell awaits me. In short, this Friday could not be over soon enough. I want to be home, chopping wood ... under the dark, cold, rainy skies of South East Pennsylvania. Bleh.


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