White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Dreaming

Friday, November 26, 2004



Last night I had a dream that I actually remembered again. I suppose it was disturbing enough that it stuck in my mind. I think it is the unusual or exceedingly vivid dreams that stick with me. I don't have the time to review them when I wake up so most of them go into the bit bucket. Here are the details that I can recall. I'm at a home with gravel driveway out in back. On this driveway, there appears to be an old Buick, maybe a truck. It is parked there next to a cement block wall that borders the driveway. I get a feeling through 'flashbacks' that I am familiar with people in house. Suddenly, I find myself with another person and we are surrounded by money and receipts blowing about. I'm not sure if they are there because the truck exploded or if they fell out because a door was opened. We start collecting the receipts from the ground so we can 'analyze' them, whatever that means. I get the feeling that we are some sort of officials or government agents. I wonder if we are here because the people in house criminals. When we go inside house, it blows up. It comes to my attention that my companion is female. The explosion slices her up pretty bad, but there is no blood. Despite the catastrophic injuries, she shows no sign of pain and is coherent. Then I wake up. Good thing, this dream was going south fast. Vivid.

Since I am awake and it is near 0600, I can hear Jake making a bit of noise. I get his milk ready and bring him into the smallish bed that the Mrs and I are sharing. He sleeps for about an hour and a half. He then decides to slither out of bed and wanders off to the Grandparents room. I let him go and fetch Alexis to get her day started. The rest of the day pretty much involves the kids running about, eating breakfast and generally having fun. Later in the day, Hero Dad & I go out for a walk with the kids. Its 26 degrees outside, most of the snow has been vaporized by the sun. The kids only want to throw gravel and stones into the gully next to the road. It's not too deep, probably about three feet or so. We let them do this for a bit, then put them on our shoulders and walk the rest of the way around the loop. They got a bit less exercise than Dad and I. They still eat a good lunch, which is always nice to see. Little buggers are getting a lot better about eating, probably because of all the love that grandma puts into her cooking, eh? Later in the evening, Jacob and Alexis compete with each other as to who gets to help the Grandparents make noodles. It is a touchy situation since Alexis is getting a little grumpy. Either one of them cannot be in the room or Grandma needs two noodle makers. After dinner, we bathe them and send them off to bed. Alexis is quite cranky by now and definitely needs to sleep. More for my sanity than her well being. Sounds like a boring day, but it is certainly one of those family moments that will be impressed in our memories.


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