White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Dollar Pint Thursday

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Dollar Pint Thursday

Pretty slow day. Yesterday had the typical inventory problems with DealHaven. The OBMs managed to scramble up the warehouse and product information so badly that we don't know what is supposed to be sold. As soon as this gets sorted out, I will need to start thinking about design doc for smart label. Ahhh, good times. I watched a show called 'Nanny 911' with the Wife last night. This one was about a family that first has twin boys ... then had a set of triplets ... all boys. It was a complete zoo! The Mrs and I decided that we were excellent parents. Nay, super-parents. Today's highlites? Well, my tire is starting to loose air again, but just barely. Definitely a slow leak. Nuts. When I got on the turnpike today, I got boxed in by three semi-trucks for about five miles. I was a bit upset at first, but force fed myself a chill-pill and just rode it out. Since I've banked up a bit of OT this week, I think I'll go out with the gang for beer today. Just to take the edge off a bit. One thing did bug me today. I had this sudden pang of wanting when I thought of the kids. I really miss them today. Times like this makes me want to work part time and spend the morning with my little ones. Damn effeminate mushy side of mine.


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