White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Day 7

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Day 7

Sunday is an awful day in that I have to pay for my wood chopping sins of Saturday. I only have about 20 rounds left that I can possibly break down now. I also have a small pile of wood that I have no chance in hell of breaking apart. If I could, I would just cut it up with a band saw or a chainsaw with diamond tipped laser beam powered double chain. No such luck. After we get up absurdly early, I play with the kids for a bit and then do my Sunday duty. The rest of the day revolves around roasting the withered peppers that I had left in the garden and cleaning the muck off the little pencils that masquerade for carrots. What a rip-off. Any number of things could have caused my carrots to perform so poorly. Bad soil, rabbits razing them to the ground, not enough fertilizer, not enough sun, not enough attention. For the most part, the type of carrots I planted had a bit to do with the size. Next year, different carrots and fewer of them. They were just too close together and had no space to grow. Damn. In other news. I made a few cups of oatmeal for the kids in the crock-pot. Every so often, I would stir the pot to keep it from separating. On one of these forays, Alexis zoomed up to the gate between the kitchen and the dining room and proclaimed that I was using the Crock Pot! Ok, I don't know who taught her what it was, but I'm pretty astounded that she knew what it was. Either she is studying my cooking books in the dining room or the Mrs told her what it was. Jacob on the other hand, could care less about it, even though he would be the direct beneficiary of its use. Later on in the evening, the Wife managed to get him to eat some of it. His resistance is par for course, but the wads of brown sugar in it had fairly predictable results. He was bouncing off the walls later in the evening. Alexis knows the power of sugar and beseeches us often for the magic 'Candy'. Jacob, however, relies on the foolishness of parents to fuel his little fission reactor with a steady supply of disaccharides.


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