White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Closing in

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Closing in

This past day was pretty dull. Spent more time mucking about with the B2B host, ended up getting frustrated and heading home at 1530. I spent the rest of the night chopping wood since it is supposed to rain Thursday night. That will make things pretty unpleasant this weekend. Early Thursday morning, Jacob got up and needed Mommy to help him fall asleep again. Around 0230. Nice. Alexis is clingy since she is sick. She is not handling it very well. I end up getting to work at 0745 in hopes of launching the new source tree for the b2b upgrade. Tom did not get here till 0945 and ended up going to a meeting right away. It got pushed off till 1400 The whole thing took about 5 minutes. Whatever. Are getting the feeling that I am nonplussed right now? There were a lot of bizarre issues with some other projects I've been working on. Odd control characters are showing up in the product descriptions from the database for the DealHaven inventory upload. This causes the software that we use to commit an unexplained exit. Argh, filter time. My Amazon gift wrap mod has an irreparable bug in it. We call it 'Unrecoverable Hash Leveling'. I call it frustrating. We eventually work around the Dealhaven bug and the Skymall project is a go, but this Amazon gift wrap thing really bugs me. Once the evening rolls around, things are pretty calm. I pick up the kids and feed them.


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