White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Bush day

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Bush day

I woke to the sounds of our dogs howling at 0500 this morning. Either there is an earthquake or a groundswell of political action on the horizon. That, or they had to pee. I think I'll stick with the full bladder theory because it is less scary and more in line with Occams Razor. I escorted them out and waited till they did their business. The needles from the white pines are coating the ground with a tanish blanket which quickly obscures the little packages they leave behind. It is much easier to flag these things now than to hunt and most likely, step on later. A quick shower and I go back to nudge the Mrs from her peaceful slumber. Not only is today election day, but it is also the Wifes meeting day AND picture day for the twins. Lots to do, little bandwidth to handle it. Getting the kids up, changed, fed and dressed is not always the daunting process it was today. Alexis is apparently not too keen on dress-up day. She resisted the tights and dress with all her little might and then tried to remove said offending fashion items once we got them on. A feminist or tom-boy in the making. Jacob, however, couldn't care less as long as he could stay under the quilt to watch TV. Twins, but soooo different. And they swap who gets to be the difficult one every few months.

In spite of the challenges at the Manor, I managed to make it to my correct polling location by 0645. The giant concrete and brick edifice we call Lower Moreland Senior High School and Juvenile Reformatory. There were about 20 fellow common folk in front of me and by 0700, 50 behind me. It was slightly nippy for me in my Red Flannel Shirt, but not as bad as all the thin-blooded southerners with their coats on, wrapping their arms about themselves to keep warm. Voting takes courage and moxie! If the Afghani populace will walk for mile in the snow, uphill, to stand in line for DAYS to vote, you can take 15 minutes of stimulus deprivation with your 5$ coffee in hand. I came prepared, of course, and devoured a pound of carrots while waiting my turn at the voting booth. I'm regretting that action as I can feel all that fiber pounding its way through my innards, on a fast track to the exit. The carrots did keep my from trying to strike up a potentially vitriolic rant with the other voters who were studiously examining their Democratic Candidate Sheets. Kept me from chattering away like a child's wind-up toy, those carrot did. Little yellow slips of paper with all the Democrats names listed were being handed out by the DNC guy who was stuffed into a 3 piece suit that was about 2 sizes too small. Poor fellow, what a miserable task. Either you are greeted with great empathy or unbridled venom. An action spurred more by pity than by fear of being outed, I accepted the sheet and tucked it away in my pocket. A bit before 0700, the MCRC Rep for Ward 6 arrived and parked her SUV in the HP spot next to mine ... no tags or plaque. I'm starting to like the DNC guy more. Next time I talk to Denise Kuritz, I'll have to have a talk with her about her actions. The DNC guy there made nice with her and they both had a chat with the local Constable who showed up to talk to both of them. Probably just a Paternalistic reminder to play fair and don't make an ass out of yourselves. When we finally were let inside, a group of folks were told to go down to the Township Library (about 800 meters away) because they were from ward 4 and had a different polling location. They really should put the sign outside so people don't have to wait in line to find out that they are in the wrong place. The sign was pasted to the wall behind the registration check, right next to the polling booths. All in all, not a bad experience. I was on the road by 0715 and the traffic was VERY light. Everyone else is waiting in line I suppose. Sweet.

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