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Friday, November 12, 2004



I read some comments over at Vox and am dumbstruck at the volume of nimble (non-atheist) minds that have gravitated to the site. Here is an excerpt:

I posted this on Evangelical Outpost, so it's a reprint so to speak.

An atheist walks out his or her door every morning seeing the same world as everybody else.

That they don't find any significance in the sheer complexity of this universe is the most telling point for me. They see all that the universe is, the large volume of evidence of creation, and still they say, "this was not created".

For there to be a creator there would be responsibility to that creator because the creator would be the only being capable of truly holding them accountable for their actions, good or ill.

It's an evasion of responsibility. They wish to only be responsible to themselves and to create their own reality. In effect, they wish to be their own god. But since they know in their gut there is a being greater than themselves they don't outright claim to be a god, they only claim that God the creator of this universe does not exist.

I see it as hubris.
Athor Pel | 11.12.04 - 9:19 am | #



Well said. Hubris is the perfect word that I've been seeking for years to describe them.

I still maintain, after years of debating self-proclaimed atheists that there is no such thing.

Every single one I've encountered is either pissed off at God because they were misled about who He is and have never met Him, or pissed off because they know He exists but He won't introduce Himself on their terms.
digitalcowboy | Email | 11.12.04 - 9:29 am | #



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