White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Woot!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004



Yesterday, I had to fill up the SuperSaturn at 2.02$/gal. There is an independent gas station near the Child Detainment Center that is primarily a car wash so the price is typically lower. Having to spend 20$ on a weeks worth of gasoline in painful. I recall the good old days of .75$ gas. That was when I had to fill up a couple of times a week in my POS Ford Taurus that I drove to Delaware every day. Man, I have to get one of the hybrid cars that can go 60 miles on the battery before falling back on gasoline. Since my commute is a measly 30 miles, I could easily make the 30x2x5 mark without burning much gasoline. How do you like them apples OPEC?

When I brought the kids home, it was still quite wet from the previous rain shower. Enough so that I was not even going to consider letting the Dynamic Duo go play in the sand pit. Never the less, Alexis chanted her 'Go to playground.' mantra when we got home and became quite upset when I explained to her that it was too wet and we had to stay inside. That dog did not hunt for her. I fought against her unbending will to get her inside and in her restraining chair. Once she finally acknowledged that she had lost this battle, she settled in and ate her dinner. Jacob is a bit more understanding about the whole thing, and is much easier to distract with his train book. He is so much easier to work with these days, looks like we are in the middle of another personality shift phase.

I had to do a few things around the house to maintain my manly-husbandly position within the organization. Since I could not go outside and chop wood or lift heavy rocks, I figured that I would try to do something about the drain in the master bath. The water in the shower was backing up a bit. I'm not a big fan of wading in my own filth and when it backs up that , the tiles tend to get dirty quite a bit faster than usual. I've pretty much resigned myself to the thought that just dumping some draino into the mess will probably not do the job, but I might as well give it a shot. As I kneel down on my bad knee to get a better shot at hitting the target, I feel a brand new kind of pain. I'm now oblivious to the old ache that I acquired from smashing my shin into the ladder after falling 20 stories from the top of the South Tower. This is a sharp, piercing pain and I immediately know where it came from. A few days back, I was chopping wood (surprise?) and I had slipped on some bark that had been knocked loose through my efforts. I went down hard on my knees and hands, which resulted in a good share of cursing as I dusted the grime and such off. I did not notice at the time that a fairly substantial sliver of wood managed to penetrate my black kevlar steel belted jeans and worm itself into my left kneecap. The end had snapped off with my dusting efforts. I did not realize that I had a foreign body in my system until I put sufficient pressure on it. After I finished routing about the shower drain, I went about routing about and draining my knee. I wont go into gory detail, but '*/?@^&%#*OUCH!' should be explicit enough to boot-strap your imagination. It still hurts today and I imaging it will hurt pretty much the same tomorrow.

The Lovely Mrs MDMHVONPA came to bed late, and I got up a bit late. 'Nuff said about that. She was obviously tired and did not wake until I had already showered and tended to the Hounds. Once the children had their fill, I began to change them. The Mrs had come out of the master bath and started on Jacob. Much to her chagrin, he had managed to exceed the liquid capacity of his diaper and required a clothing change as well. I'm not really sure where all this fluid is coming from because it seems as though the total volume is in excess of his body. Some sort of dimensional rift must have formed in his bladder that is taking water from some alternate reality world (See the flop Water World) and diverting it's content to ours. How does that Occam's Razor Postulate go? "Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate" or "plurality should not be posited without necessity." In laymans terms, use the simplest explanation. He peed a lot.

Had lunch with the boss lady today ... and as usual, nothing of consequence was discussed. Location:Shangrila Menu: crispy eel sushi, miso soup, soba noodles with peanut sauce, hot tea End Result: I'm full.


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