White Lightning Axiom: Redux: ugh

Tuesday, October 19, 2004



Did the usual thing last night. Pick up dog poop in the yard. Play with kids in the sand pit. Start them on dinner until the (mostly punctual) Wife comes home. Go chop wood. Play, bath, bed for the kids. The one thing out of the ordinary is that I got to catch the Part II of the Farscape mini-series. Fantabulistic. Standard colossal clash of civilizations. Back-stabbing galore, some good guys win, some die, all the bad guys get their just deserts. They went into great efforts to make sure to wrap up most of the major loose ends and really left no logical means by which to continue the series. The only conduit would be the son and I can pretty much guarantee that it would be as disappointing as the short lived Children of Dune disaster. Oh well, its good to go out on top I suppose. I can only hope they don't try something stupid like 'Son of Sun'. < shudder >

I went out to close my car windows last night and obviously did not manage to do that correctly. That may have been the root cause of my inability to get a restful sleep last night. That latent thought, grinding away in the back of my mind. It was raining pretty good when I got up and the window that I had not closed all the way was the driver's side. Thusly, the seat was saturated and required two towels to keep the seeping moisture from finding its way to my rear end. To make things that much more pleasant, the insurgent Sebastian Raindrop and Friends made sure traffic on the tpk was completely log-jammed. I don't think I got over 40mph the whole time. Total Slow-Laneville the whole time. The Mrs had an even worse time. She was getting all dolled up for a big 'Face-to-Face' meeting today with some big-wig suit in the corporate ladder. Jacob, to his credit, had the worst diaper blow-out to date. Total record setter. EVERY thing from shoes to shirt had to be changed. Nothing like digging elbow deep into a diaper first thing in the morning. At least the rest of the day cannot be much worse. Hat-tip to the Wife for keeping it together.


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