White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Tired already

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Tired already

I was up late ... again. Had to watch a useless mind-numbing movie that kept me up till midnight. Stupid. Then the alarm goes off at 0500, and 0515 ... and on, and on till I finally get up at 0630. WHY! Why am I compelled to watch this tripe on television. Gha, time to move the remote to the Mrs's side of the bed. Alexis had the right idea and slept in till about 0700 when I was finished with various morning tasks. Since we were away this weekend, the laundry didn't get done (meaning that I did not do it) and I had to wear Blue Jeans instead of my usual work-day black ones. Hell just froze over, did you hear it? No? After digging up some pants to wear, I got Alexis up and started. She left her puppies behind, but later went back to get them. Oh well, the Wife will have to deal with that later. I got my timesheet done for my gracious employer and got underway. Late, but still getting to work by 0800 ... Notice problems with Skymall Evil Spongebob orders and adjust. I suppose the only variation in my day at this point will be what part of my battered body is hurting or acting up. Stupid eye twitch is annoying and my foot hurts (cause you hit it, you fool). Nothing to complain about, nothing too strenuous. Fine, blog away. I did do a bit of testing on this god-awful MarketWorks/DealHaven inventory feed test. It is a wretched task. Every test I run has a 20 minute query in it and I just have to sit there and wait. This is the improved query in test, I fear the performance issues that we will see in production. The other joy of this task is the lack of source control, which means that my changes to facilitate testing get overwritten on a regular basis, thus blowing my test out of the water. I learn this after waiting 20-30 minutes for the queries to finish. Gnashing of teeth and pained wails issue forth from my isolation chamber. Oh well, I get paid the same weather or not I enjoy the work.


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