White Lightning Axiom: Redux: So turns the grist mill

Monday, October 11, 2004


So turns the grist mill

It's Monday. Its 0630. I'm awake. Ok, I'm mostly awake, at least my body is moving about and my mind is keeping most of my person free of the various obstructions. I feel a break-down coming up on me, I feel it in my bones. More accurately, I feel it in my leg bones and the big hard one atop my shoulders. I waddle into the Child Detention Center to find the Excruciatingly Adorable Twins jumping up and down in their cribs yelling "DADDY-DADDY-DADDY!". Well, at least someone in the house is still a morning person ... without coffee. I spring Jacob, set him on the floor and he takes off to go harass mommy. Alexis sees me coming for her and starts to gather up all the necessities. Blankie, Puppy I, Puppy II, Pacifiers and Minni Mouse. Jeeze, I can see how she takes after the Mrs already. She has more stuff to bring along with her for a 1 hour trip than I bring to work for the day. Of course, I would love to bring a stuffed animal and a blanket to work for a nap. Maybe she has the right idea.

I get to work by 0800 ... barely. It is a national holiday so there is a noticeable drop in traffic. Even the usual bottleneck areas are less of a catastrophe than usual. Then again, the people who get this particular day off are Banker types and Govt workers ... do they commute at the same time I do? Something to ponder for the day other than the impending election/civil war ... in America, not Afghanistan. I do the typical Monday Morning thing with my co-workers as I regale them with the tales of tribulation and triumph from the weekend. As usual, they proffer their condolences and elicit comments about their mighty accomplishments over the weekend. Sure, its is a mundane and most likely pointless exercise. Hey, it at least makes me think I have caring comrades at work.

Work is a bummer, it is mostly tripe about a new app server needed for the new B2B JAR for the MarketWorks tender type of PayPal. Ghaaa, interacting with humans ... what a pain. For the most part, I spend my valuable time diddling with this blog and keeping updated on world events. I find that with the Twins, they would rather do things for themselves these days rather than being spoon-fed what I feel is right for them. Its the same way for me with news. Let me decide what is important and what can be left out. Too many filters between me and the facts can really distort my world view and that is not something I appreciate. Especially when the distortion is leaning in a direction that I would rather not go.

Had a talk with the carpet guys today ... someone will contact me this week when it arrives. Harry, Lou, Mark, Frank and Rob are on my list. Either they deliver, or they will get an unpleasant visit when I unleash the dogs and kids in their warehouse. When Alexander went through Turkey and said "No stone shall remain upon another." about a city of Greek traitors who fled to the backwaters of Persia to re-settle. That's what they will get. Smoking rubble. Well, probably not.

Home duties abound. Take out trash and recycling. Take care of the bin full of rotten/liquid tomatoes in the fridge. Get dinner ready. Blah-blah-blah. Let kids play after I pick them up. It's all good. I did have to play a little trick on Alexis. The day-care professionals told me she had a melt-down when they took her new puppy away. They didn't want it to get dirty outside and she was not to interested in giving it up. When she was playing at home, she was not going to surrender it. I had her set it on the stone-block wall where she could see it and she would come back every few minutes to check on it and pet it. Eventually, she picked it up and ran to the top of her tower. I just asked if I could hold it for her while she slid down the slide. While she was busy with that, I put it above her field of vision and she forgot all about it. I should be a politician. In addition to learning of Alexis's fondness for Puppy II, I've also learned that they have an affinity for Swedish MeatBalls again ... I guess that the Mrs will be making a run to BJ's soon.

As a final act of destructive capabilities, I went out to chop wood forgetting that the maul with a loose head is very dangerous. You can probably guess it, but I managed to slam the head down on the bridge of my foot. I was certain that it would hurt a lot more than it did, but I suppose the pressure from boot kept the swelling down. While I had the boot on. Once I took the boot off, it hurt like a SOB. I got fed up with this kind of nonsense and found a nice wood wedge and a few pieces of metal to secure this thing once and for all. It seems to be holding, but all hammering actions will be conducted with the sledge hammer from now on. Ya fool idjit! I spend the rest of the night stacking some wood that my neighbor across the street had set out on the curb. If he is not going to use it, I certainly can. I get 3 good stacks out of it. I need to get the wood set up and covered next to the house ASAP, winter is coming and I have a really bad feeling about the natural gas prices this year.


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