White Lightning Axiom: Redux: my head hurts

Friday, October 01, 2004


my head hurts

Well, the Haupertonian Weekly assault forces finally punched a hole through to Friday. It was a long, arduous, uphill battle. The Mrs gets out of bed fairly early and hauls me along for the ride. I get my but out of the house as quickly as possible and get to work by 0700. I was planning on doing a lunch thing with some of my ex co-workers and present co-workers, but only got 4 people to go so I postponed it to a later date. This will give me lots of time to get things done now. The trip in was almost enjoyable. There was a bit of traffic, but it was moving fast and steady. No surprising back-ups or unexpected congestion. Weird. As it turns out, I passed one of my co-workers on the way in an didn't even notice it. I guess I had my eye on the prize.

Heh ... the prize. That is probably not a really good description. Over the last few days, C* and I have been dealing with an incident with the Amazon Liz Clairborn site. I had done some work to add in gift-wrapping and gift message capability an 'tested' it the best I could given that the test environment didn't support a lot of things I needed. It was a mess but it got out into production and we got 4 gift orders. Needless to say, the warehouse just was not ready for this ready so the orders failed and we had to track them by hand. It was not an enjoyable experience. C* is under a lot of stress right now and is not an entirely enjoyable person to be around. Her divorce is still bothering her, her basement flooded, her clothing washer quit, her dish-washer is not cutting it anymore, her roof leaks and her kids let her know that there are ants all over the place. Needless to say, she needs a week off from everything. Since that isn't going to happen any time soon, she lashes out at people around her. Being stuck in a pit of vipers would be a step up. That aside, there was some more mundane work to be done too involving meetings, reviews and tracking queries. All with their own surprise toy inside. By the end of the day, my head is hurting and I can think of no place I would rather not be.

When I got to the International Haupertonian Combine Headquarters, I did the usual prep thing for the Toddlers of Torment. While I was skinning the buffalo for Alexis's dinner, I glanced up to see a rabbit bolt across the Northern Agricultural Sector. Damn. Thought I had solved that problem.
This little rodent is doing it's best to avoid the live trap I had set out near the wood pile. I guess I'm going to have to take a different approach to this problem. If the rabbit wont leave it's new-found home, I'll have to remove the home. After I had picked up the kids and the Mrs had gotten home, I went out back and started knocking apart some wood. In a very brief time, I came to the painful realization that I am in really poor shape. Now, I am fully aware that my bum leg and obvious exhaustion from a long week may have contributed to my in-ability to get much done. This was a wretched experience. I could barely get the smaller rounds to split and the larger ones just laughed at me. Only 8 rounds fell before my swinging maul and I had to surrender. At this rate, it will be half way through winter before I can finish all of these off. Oh well, maybe if I start at the beginning of the week I would have more luck. As luck would have it, my parents showed up at 21:15 and gave me a good excuse for not pursuing any grand efforts. It was the beginning of what would become a pretty involved weekend.


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