White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Monday Mundacity on Friday

Friday, October 22, 2004


Monday Mundacity on Friday

This Friday was pretty lousy. Jacob got up at 3am (much to The Wife's disconcerting) and that tipped the scales from 'average' day to 'slightly annoying'. To complicate things, I got in the wrong (read: annoying) lane on the tpk. The left two lanes between my interchange (Willow Grove) and the next one to the west (Ft. Washington) are a definite red-flag. I don't know why I did it, must have been lack of sleep or something. There was a driver (of sorts) in front of me with handicap plates who was driving quite strangely. There was no cruise mode, just rapid acceleration and full-on breaking. It's hard to keep pace with a person like that. At work, there was a delay in our launch date because of the MLB (Major League Baseball) site. Cant load the new JAR file until the World Series is over because it might disrupt the sales that the MLB site gets at this time of year. And if that is not enough, the new B2B staging machine was still set up improperly. It did get resolved by the end of the day though, so that is one minor victory. The final kicker was the massive query that we need to get inventory counts. We gave it to the DBA group at the beginning of the month. Just today, an old acquaintance comes up to me and asks me if we are serious about the query. I confirm the insanity and let him know that it is a canned query that is in use in production now. He pisses and moans about being given this at the 11th hours. I tell him that we did give it to his boss on the 1st. I feel for him, it is certainly a Dilbertian quandary.


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