White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Monday ... again

Monday, October 04, 2004


Monday ... again

We were up late again last night. Well, I think it was more being up too late than anything. Sometimes I just have a rough time getting settled in. The cooler weather should help a bit. In any event, once I managed to soothe my angst ridden nerves into a state that sleep was possible, it was morning and I could hear Jacob playing with his music box. He seems to be content to do this in the morning for a bit. When I manage to gather my wits about me, I wander into their room and see them both just sitting there in the cribs. I let Jacob out and scampers off to go find Mommy while Alexis grabs her blankie and bear and tries to snuggle down into my arms. While they are busy sucking down their morning dose of vitamins and milk, I let the dogs out. I of course, take a look around and find that Katie has decided to pee on the floor again. I know we let her out near mid-night and when I let her out this morning, she just prances about Thor as he dutifully waters the grass. She will be sorely pressed to reform her ways when I lock her down tonight instead of letting her roam the Haupertonain Halls. She was house broken and this latest stay at the kennel may have got her into the mood of not caring about where she pees. I had to spend valuable time mopping up the mess and putting down a layer of lysol to stop the odors. Not a good way to start my day.

In a gracious act of fatherhood, I decide to let the kids play in the big-room this morning instead of bolting them down in their seats. Of course, I just cant leave them to their own devices there. We would be short a home quicker than it would take to elect a Bush to office. They are sneaky, destructive little folks when you are not looking. They seemed to enjoy the time as we sat together and red a few books. Alexis counted the not-so glow in the dark rings and placed them on my head as Jacob went from book to book looking at pictures. Pictures of Barney. Gad, it is much to early to suck up the Purple Propaganda Manifesto. Alexis claims that her diaper is dirty, but upon inspection, there is nothing in her drawers. Amusingly enough, she just didn't want to wear her pants at the time. "All Done!" she proclaims as she wriggles out of my grasp and shoots across the room. The Mrs comes down after finishing up with her morning routine and frees me to do the same. When I finished my shower, I let the hounds out for a second attempt to leave little bombs in the back yard. They take to this task with gusto and I work in coordination to do perform the clean-up. Meanwhile, the kids are being loaded into the Family Tank for their trip to day-care. Apparently, when Alexis saw me drive away in the Super-Saturn, she became distraught saying "Daddy, Daddy" and left a trail of tears all the way to day-care. Now that just isn't right. Almost makes me want to throw in the towel and start the Home-Schooling thing today. Given that, I schlepped my way to work by 0810 and started my ineffectual day. Tasks completed?

  • Checked for Skymall Orders - None

  • Files to be updated for DealHaven - None

  • Blogged my arse off

  • Xfer $$$ to checking

  • Paid Car Pmt

  • Paid Mortgage

  • That last one? Well, it made me happy. I'm only 2 months ahead of my mortgage payments right now, but as it turns out, they have decreased my Escrow so that I can apply and extra 50$ towards the principal every month. We are nearing the turning point in our mortgage now. I've been putting a significant amount towards the principal every month and it is starting to pay off. When you see your hard earned cash being applied to pay off interest, it hurts. Seeing that payment go down substantially every month gives me a rather comfortable feeling. Now given that I refinanced and still have 26 years left is a bit daunting, but I really don't think I will paying for that whole time. The recent 'Housing Bubble' never burst ... it just kinda stabilized. I can live with that.


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