White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Drag

Wednesday, October 13, 2004



Not much on my mind today except for the loads of house work and chores that are not getting done. Yesterday, I went through the standard post-work routine. It is pretty much the same Mon-Fri.

  • Make the kids a five course dinner

  • Pick up kids from the Child Reeducation and Internment Camp

  • Play on the Twin Towers/AA Defense Installation till Mommy comes home

  • Chop wood till it is either too dark to see or I lop off a limb

  • Shower/rinse the grime off

  • Play with the kids till 2000 hours

  • Draw bath/bathe children

  • Feed them a night-time bottle

  • Put them to bed by 2100

  • Let dogs out to pee

  • Then we have a few hours to ourselves so we can get a few things done about the house. Laundry, eat dinner, maybe some tube time. We can't do anything too noisy like vacuum, work in the garage or nail down wood-work in the hallway. Even if we were free to undertake such activities, we would be much too exhausted to effectively do them correctly. I am almost to the point where I think that convincing the Mrs that we need to hire a Maid or something for a few days, just to help us get caught up. It makes me feel a bit of a failure for not being able to manage our simple plot of dirt with a home on it. Maybe a few days off or a few half days during the work-week to catch up would be enough. Its good that winter is coming, less yard work.

    Getting going this morning was interesting. I woke up early at 0515 to the sounds of Jacob's complaints. I laid there for a bit hoping that he would go back to sleep, but that was not in the cards today. We got the milk ready and then brought the kids in and just kinda lied about and played till 0615. It was semi-cognizant and hazy, but they were happy to flop about on the bed as the Wife and I provided our prone bodies to be guard rails on the sides. The trip to work this morning started out as an exercise in why you should get a full 8 hours or sleep. First off, I felt a kind of rumbling vibration as I drove down the local roads to the turnpike entrance. It did not take me long to figure out that I had left the emergency break on. OOftah! That cant be good for the car. Further down the road, I look at the console and see that I am low on gasoline. I got 275 miles out of this tank and know that I can only count on 330 tops. I kind of like having to stop for gas in the mornings. The traffic leading to the last turn on 611 south is usually backed up for a mile and that will mean that 4 or 5 light changes will go by before I even get close enough to see the damn signal. Except when I need gas. I will get into the right hand lane and pass all those angsty motorists in seconds, moving to about 1 or 2 cars from the light and then zipping across the street to the gas station when the light is green. It takes no time at all to pump 10 gallons into the Super Saturn (DAMN! 2.02$/gal now?) and then jump onto 611. I can avoid a good 15-20 minute wait that way. Similarly, if I stick to the right hand lane on the turnpike between my interchange and the next one, I can count on passing all the trucks and cars that just passed me moments ago and saving another 10-15 minutes. Patience grasshopper. Its a good way to start the day.


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