White Lightning Axiom: Redux: BLAM!

Thursday, October 21, 2004



I had a migrane yesterday. I could probably rattle on for pages about it. In the end, it was a horrible experience and probably one of my worst ones yet. I felt it coming on for about 12 hours before it really plastered me at 1600. I cobbled together the dinner for the kids and stumbled out the door to the SuperSaturn. I managed to pick up the kids and get them home without having to pull over. I heard some words from the Day Care Professionals through the buzzing static about a lost sippy cup. I was not too concerned because we had 20 of the things at home. The Mrs was home when I pulled into the driveway. She was talking to our Nice Neighbor Marvin. In my stupor, I just let the kids out of their seats and they immediately ran over to where the Wife, Marvin and their two dogs were standing. They have 2 yellow labs that are about 1/2 the size of ours. The kids like them because they are 'kiddie-sized'. When I opened the portcullis to the Back 50, the twins immediately darted over to the sand pit and began their evening routine. I pretty much stood like Colossus, bestride the narrow world. Stolid and stoic ... except internally writhing in anguish. The Mrs tried to entice them inside, but the impetus was upon my shoulders to stomp my feet and lead the troops inside. Every thundering step sent a blinding spear of searing pain up through my right eye and into my frontal lobe. Thank you God for imbibing the children with a cooperative spirit this night. Once they were secured in their restraining chairs for dinner, I slunk up to the master suite and lolled about until sleep finally claimed me in her numbing embrace.

I woke at 0515 to hear Alexis chirping her usual 'I'm awake now, come get me.' song. As soon as I was sure that the Migraine from Hell had left me, I warmed up the milk and brought her in to the master suite. Jacob had not shaken off the mantle of sleep yet, so I let him be. As soon as I finished tending to the Hounds, I came back to the two lovely ladies and snuggled up to them in the warmth of their love ... and the heated waterbed. Running about the house in your underwear when it is below 60 F can be a challenge. Alexis and the Wife just laid there, chattering to each other and exchanging butterfly kisses. While I was letting the Hounds out, I heard on the radio that the Yankees had managed to loose the final game of the series to the Sox, thus becoming yet another entry in the record books. They won the first 3 and lost the last 4 ... how embarrassing. The Mrs was disappointed, but like Yogi Berra would say "We made too many wrong mistakes." (On why NY lost the 1960 series to Pittsburgh).

Karma owed me for my suffering, thus traffic was light and I got to work at 0730. On the way in, I heard Oh Fortuna from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana on WITF (not WITR) just before the 0715 Susalarm March Time. I was trying to explain to my co-workers what the song was like, but quickly learned that the co-workers in question are unsophisticated cretins. Children of artless grace and simple pleasures. They thought that Oh Fortuna was either Canned Tuna or Oh Suzzana. Either way, only one of my fellow wage-slaves got it, C*, and commented on it in any extent. Whatever.


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