White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Wonderful Weekend

Monday, September 27, 2004


Wonderful Weekend

Things went well over the weekend. I finished up the slides on the towers and have no other wood-work to do with that project. All that is left it to attach the roofs, stairs and rock climb walls. Hero-Dad will be bringing down the ladders (most of them) and the roof should be a non-. The rock-climbing walls will be a snap too (hopefully). The really hard part is the stone rampart walls. That is definitely a job that needs to be done in cooler weather. The garden is another story. The tomatoes are finally playing out but the damn peppers are trying to get another go at it. I just filled another basket with Jalapanos and Banana peppers and I really have no need for them. My co-workers are pretty much peppered out too so I guess I'll just dry them and make a nice dry spice or something. That reminds me, I'm out of cumin and would need some to make a good spicy rub out of the peppers. Hmm, time to go to NYC and do some shopping at that wonderful Asian Market on Elizabeth street. But I digress. The visitors this weekend went back home with full bellies and a satisfied air about them. Nick and his sister Sam got to enjoy the hounds of hell the whole time and the hounds ate up the attention like a bloody steak. We did have steak and provincial chicken on Saturday night so the bones went out on the deck. They had it pretty good. Sam and her father E* are fairly allergic to dogs but you wouldn't notice it too much. Since the upper floors are off-limits to the hounds, there is pretty much no dander or hair up there. Or too much in the kitchen, dining room and very little in the kids Rumpus room/ living room. I did spend some time with the blower to get all the sand, sawdust and other assorted detritus off the driveway. Things were in pretty good condition for our guests. All in all, not a bad weekend. Of course, on Sunday, Alexis started to develop a bit of a fever and had a diminished appetite. We think that the eye-teeth/canines are coming in finally and are giving her a rough time. This too will pass. She passed out around 1930 and we put her right to bed after a bottle. She slept right through till 0600. She was in pretty good spirits this morning so we thing all will be well soon enough. Hopefully, everyone will stay in the pink till after the wedding this weekend. Oh yeah. The wedding. This will be a new chapter for our kids. 101 things to do at a Chinese-American wedding. The last wedding they went to was a blast and they were introduced to French-fries. I'm edgy with anticipation as to what shenanigans they will be up to this time.


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