White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Tuesday night fight

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Tuesday night fight

Hmm, last night was unscripted. I had gotten to work late so I could not leave till my drop-dead time at 1615. I got home at a reasonable time and did manage to get the 7 course dinners ready for the Twins. Right around the time I had arrived home, the Mrs called to let me know she will be home early and that she was not feeling well. We decided that I would pretty much take care of the kids while she rested in the living room. I got the same bug from the Twins the other day and know how she is feeling. I guess it was not a teething thing after all. It seems that the viruses that the kids give to us have been engineered to be annoying for children and deadly to adults. Either that or the kids have not picked up on how to milk an illness for sympathy yet.

So I spent the evening trying to keep the kids from jumping on my bad leg and defending a napping mommy from the eventual request (assault) that she get off the floor and play. I did pretty good, but they double-teamed me a few times and snuck through. Jacob did his tricks where he tries to pull the blankets off you or crawl underneath and 'snuggle'. After a while, mommy gave up on the napping thing and started to participate. One thing that we found is that while Jacob is great with colors, numbers and shapes, Alexis does not seem to get the color thing yet. I went over the colors with her and she would get one or two right if I did them in the right sequence. If you show her 'blue' and tell her, she will repeat it. Show her 'green' and she will tell you blue. Tell her green and then she will guess it. Hmmm, I hope I did not pass my color-blind gene on to her. After a while, she lost interest and went off to do something more rewarding. I tried to read a few pages of a book that my Big Little Brother loaned me, with little success. Too much action, too many needs.

I tried once again to do some work on the molding on the second level of the mansion and was met with minimal success. Yeah, minimal. I pretty much picked up the drill and made sure that by leaving it plugged in, the bit would actually turn with some vigor. Seeing that, I set it back down and returned to my child-rearing privileges.


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