White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Stormy Story

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Stormy Story

As far as things go, last night could have gone worse, but it could have gone better too. The basement didn't flood and the power outage only lasted 15 seconds. The cable was ok and I had access to the internet. The Mrs was going to head out and do some shopping but when she saw the traffic lined up behind outside our property, she passed on that. After we put the Twin Toddlers of Turpitude to bed, I spent a bit of time not really doing much of anything. I had tried to start on the keys again, but the drill would not even turn. I guess it needs a bit more time to trickle-charge. So while I was lolling about he mile-wide waterbed ... I heard Alexis the Coy wake up and complain a few times. Each time, I would sneak in to their wing of the mansion and try to smooth over her concerns. All it took was for me to put her fuzzy blankie back on her and pat on the back for a few seconds. Wow, that was easy, but I had to do that a few times before 2100. The Lovely Wife and I sacked out about then and heard nothing but thunder and raindrops till the wee hours of the morning. Jacob woke up at 3:45-4ish and pronounced his distress with some pretty vocal wails and moans. For some reason, he was totally soaked again. We are already putting a size 5 on him now and I don't know where he is getting all this fluid from. It's like he is sucking out if the air. Joyce hauled him into our bed and we changed him there after I had given him a bottle of warm milk. He polished it off and thrashed about till 0630 when the Mrs and I had been beaten enough. It's hard to engage in a restful slumber when tiny fists of fury and frenzied feet of furor are pummeling your head, neck and shoulders. I gave him another bottle and went off to fetch Alexis while the Nekkid Wife of Showerdom was doing her thing. She has already tended to the Hounds this morning so I did have some reprieve. Alexis was very cooperative this morning and things went well. She was not pleased with her prompt deposit into the kitchen, she was not quite awake yet and found the disruption of her well established sequence of events to be an abomination.

The commute to work was a total disaster, as expected. I saw not damage or detritus, as I altered my route to take roads that I know would be open. There was congestion, but not to the extent I expected. People are probably staying home instead of braving the wreckage left behind. On one leg of my diverted commute, I traveled through the down-town area of a town called Hatboro. I saw some pretty neat stores and shops there that I had not seen previously. I'll have to stop in sometime and check these out. I also passed the Hatboro Lumber site where I got my 'bar sand' from. I noticed that they had 2 bins of sand. One was tanish in pigmentation like the 10 tons I got, and there was a lighter colored pile as well. When I call for my next delivery, I'll have to see if this other bin would cost more per ton. If not, I think I'll get it. I think it would have less clay grit in it. That stuff stains like you would not believe and retains water for much too long. After getting on the turnpike, things didn't get much better and all the exit ramps or overpasses where completely bunged up. The MidCounty interchange was a giant parking lot. Obviously, the Schuylkill Expressway was still submerged. With all these riff-raff trespassers on my turnpike, I still managed to get to work by 0810. Not too shabby. Hope the rest of the day goes just as uneventfully.


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