White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Noah's Ark required

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Noah's Ark required

Holy smokes ... all the major routes around Philly are getting flooded. Roads around the Haupertonian International Headquarters are being closed one by one. Bridges are falling into creeks, train tracks are being washed out. Cars are floating down the street. Jeanne is really letting us have it. I can see a line of cars behind the Mansion property trying to ford the huge stream running across PA Rt 232. It looks like we got 8 inches of rain so far and the runoff from the outer principalities will soon be coming down the pike. That, and we have tornadoes dropping down. Heh ... buildings are being exploded and blue collar workers are talking on the news about the 'conrail freight train' roaring through their work-places. Wow ... and we lost power for 15 seconds too. I think I'll have another glass of scotch. Time to break out the bacon too. I'm really grateful that we live on a hill.


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