White Lightning Axiom: Redux: nice day

Thursday, September 30, 2004


nice day

This morning, got up early, mostly because I went to bed early. I thought I would get a good start on the day. I thought wrong. I went through the usual steps and got everything ready for the kids. While the Lovely and Rather Ill Mrs MDMHVONPA slept a bit, I tottered down the Grand Stairs to let the Hounds out to wreak havoc upon our turf. As I went down the second flight of stairs, I caught a whiff of something that just makes my blood boil. It seems that one of my best friends could not wait and let loose a flood of urine. I'm pretty sure it was Katie due to the location and minimal volume. I gave my patented stern glare as the slunk outside to finish off what they had started. I spend a significant chunk of time mopping up the mess and then getting their meals ready. As if by queue, when I open the door to let them in, they slink past me and go settle down on their dog-beds. They know I am not pleased. I'll have to give them less water before bed time tonight.

After a fairly rough morning (I did get to work by 0715), I made a command decision to head out to the local brew pub for lunch with my co-workers. It is Dollar Pint Thursday, so who can blame me. It usually costs us 11-12 dollars so it wont break the bank. On top of that, every 6th lunch is free and if you are in the Pub Club, you get wonderful prizes. Today, I had enough visits to win myself a Pub Club T-shirt. Yeah, I know, big deal. But hey, Wawa isn't handing out merch so I am more than happy to pay my 2$ for beer and 10$ for a plate of steak tips with a mound of mashed taters and a side of green beans. Damn fine meal. Makes up for the crapiness that followed for the rest of the day. I have a major launch for the Skymall Nickolodian/Spongebob project the next morning at 8am. What an utter waste of time and effort. Would you buy a 13 inch television painted like spongebob for 300$? I thought not as well. Jetsam and Flotsam.


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