White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Mow the Lawn Wednesday

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Mow the Lawn Wednesday

Well, ok. I'm probably not going to mow the lawn tonight. I will probably spend my sparse and valuable discretionary time shoveling more sand. If I were to mow the lawn, I would certainly need to fertilize it and spray weed killer on the infestation of crab-grass that has sprung up from no-where on the side of the yard that I rarely visit. And if I go on a weed-hunting trip, I would certainly need to pay attention to the invading weeds in the flower garden beds. And if I mess with the flowers, I would have to mess with the herbs and the veggies. This one simple task would quickly evolve into a day-long endeavor. If I put it off, I wont have time to do it till I get back from vacation. I think I'll swallow my home-owner's pride and just let it slide for a week.

After the Mrs got home, we went off to pick up the kids. She got home quite early today, and she was bearing gifts! A sample of the runner that we will be installing (or having a more qualified party install) in the hallway. Yeah! I'm hot for runner samples! It looks really nice too, Greek keys down the sides and just dark enough to hide stains and dirt. I can see that we will need to vacuum it once a week though, because the dog hair will show up on it like a democrat at a gun swap. After we executed the PickUpToddlers routine, I ran outside and I started in on the sand pile again. I had been dumping the sand into the Twin Towers construction zone by just tipping it over the east wall, but I had managed to fill it to the rim. I now had to actually go into the pit and dump the sand, but not where the South tower was going to be erected. It took a bit of extra work, but now all the sand is finally off the driveway. All I have to do now is extend the area and east wall about 12 feet south and ... well, order more sand. SISYPHUS anyone?


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