White Lightning Axiom: Redux: gloomy tuesday

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


gloomy tuesday

Last night was kinda a dud. I really didn't get much done other than lamenting about how awful my mortal wound on my shin is looking. All yellowish and bruised with the big old scab running down the middle. Ick. I did start to put up the keys and molding in the hallway. I nearly forgot that I needed to do that. It would have been a snap except for the fact that my cordless makita pneumatic drill of power +7 can only make 6 holes before the battery dies out. This little gem has the built in battery and you cant just swap it out. Hmmm. I guess I could buy myself a new one for my birthday next year. But wait, I might actually get it as a gift for Christmas. Now wouldn't that be wonderful? Hmmmm. In any event, I got 5 of the key nailed in place. Hopefully I can polish off the rest tonight and then start cutting the molding to the correct size. It would be nice to get this done before I start on the master suite and what will become Jacob's room.

It had started to rain last night at about 2000 hours. A light misty rain that I knew was going to make a royal mess out of traffic in the morning. I had promised myself and threatened the wife that I would assuredly get out of bed when my alarm went off this morning at 0515. This did not happen of course. I struggled into bed at a few minutes past midnight and pretty much crashed immediately. The alarm did go off at the pre-set time, however, Jacob the Joker had gotten to it yesterday and turned the volume up to 11. I nearly wet the bed! After struggling to turn the volume down, hit snooze, turn off the alarm or do anything to make it stop, I collapsed back into the sweet oblivion of a hard sleep till 0630. Then the fun began.

Scurry-scurry. Rush, bustle and scamper. I bolt through the morning activities like a lab rat through a maze that has become all too familiar. Warm the milk, add vitamin drops. Shave, brush and floss while the Mrs showers up (hmmmm, nekkid wife - wink-wink). Let the dogs out, clean up the bile (why they lick till they puke is beyond me). Fill their food and water bowls, let them back in. Fetch the toddlers and give them their bottles. Change the diapers, put on pants. Make sure the TV is tuned to Disney to appropriately brain-wash them. OOt? A hiccup in the plan, Alexis has overflowed her diaper and her onsie is wet ... change the onsie too. Oh my God, the morning express is off it's tracks. A five minute delay, devastating! I guess her wetness was a comment on the wetness awaiting me outside. As soon as the Mrs wandered out of the shower, I jumped in and made a play for a new personal record for the quickest shower. I quickly went about my business all the while listening to the twins pounding on the door, demanding that I come forth and engaged in mortal combat. As soon as I got dressed and fluffed up my thinning hair, I got underway. First, I scooping up Alexis and deposited her in the kitchen with her blanket, doggie and other assorted plus toys. The Mrs and Jacob were right behind me. I grabbed my lunch, planted a kiss on each of the lovelies that I would be leaving in my wake and bolted out the door. Admonishing the Hounds on the way out to the 15 car garage, I let them stay out to reduce the potential that they would howl and moan that they could hear activity in the mansion but were locked in their kennels. It was nearly flawless.

Traffic this morning was gruesome as expected. I needed to stop for gas and that actually saved me 15 minutes by allowing me to skirt around a long line of traffic ... legally. Everyone slowed down to read the sign over the turnpike that was proclaiming that it was raining and there was mist to be found. I hate that sign. If social order ever breaks down, you will find me attacking that monstrosity with a file. All in all, my pet raindrop 'Sebastian' and I are having a pretty good day though. Hope it lasts.


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