White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Saturday Slugfest

Saturday, August 28, 2004


Saturday Slugfest

When we woke to the kids wails this morning, the Mrs and I were not entirely prepared to be awake. The exhaustion that having guests over brings is only multiplied by the demands of the Toddlers of DOOOOOOMMMMM. Once we got the morning bottles, diaper changes and clothing issues out of the way, we all went down to the living room for a spell. The kids ran about a bit, the adults laid out like road-kill on the floor. Soon enough, the opportunity was evident to Jacob and Alexis. They began their usual assault on the prone bodies. This time, however, the Mrs would have no part in this surrender. She nudged me into action and we scooped up the kids on the way to the kitchen. There, we secured them in their confinement seats, gave them breakfast and popped in a Wiggles VCR tape. Back in the livingroom, we laid on the floor at the foot of one of the sofa's and snuggled off into dream land. At least for an hour or so. Occasionally, someone would complain and the Mrs would wander in and try to placate them. Eventually, we gave up and let them back in to play. One of us would wash away the ravages of an unsuccessful slumber while the other would fight a delaying action as cover. Eventually, we had to prod the guests (Paw-paw, Uncle Austin and his new Girl Friend) to get ready for their day-long excursion at the Franklin Mills Outlet Atrocity. That place is another story for another time.

We drop off the in-laws (and potential in-law) at the FMOA at 1000 hours and head off to our first social engagement for the day. This would be a 5th (?) birthday party for Alex, the first son of some work friends of the Mrs. On the way, both Jacob and Alexis nod off. Either I am driving really well or they are really tired. We manage to get there at 1100 hours, just as things are getting started. Alexis is in her usual clingy mood after waking from her short nap. There are strangers afoot and she has no interest in being a social creature. Soon enough though, she comes to her senses and finds that there are food-stuffs about and at a level that she can see/touch. Much delight was had by her as she attempted to touch the sterno and daddy did his best to stop her. Fortunately, she found that the sausages and the mini-pigs in a blanket were much more fulfilling and tasty. Both of the Twins were in total wild-animal mode as they ran about and played with all the new toys. The area for their exploration was significantly limited and relatively child-safe. It made the tracking/monitoring activities simple enough that the pursuit of something to fill my belly a bit less hectic. I actually got to speak to some people as well for a change. It does help if you start the party with two very strong screwdrivers ... heavy on the vodka. Mmmmm, vodka.

go outside near end ... too hot
drive to pool party, get there by 1500
kids attack pool
Alexis gets used to water again, loved it with daddy
Jacob would not stay out of pool
Twins relax on lawn chairs, guess they were tired
Jacob poop in pool ... ick
didn't get to talk to anyone .. again
nap on the way home
me too, almost
pick up fam at 6ish
talk with Elaine a bit .. nice girl
make lamb chops, leftovers


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