White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Horrible night

Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Horrible night

I got some kind of 24 hour bug or something yesterday. I was feeling kinda worn down, but it really hit me on the drive home yesterday. Fortunately, I left a bit earlier than normal, around 1530, so the traffic was light. I started to get a bit dizzy and my torso started to ache. Then legs and arms started to go numb. What is up with that! I stayed clear of the wife and kids, hoping not to spread this particular nastiness about the manor. I did help with the bathing, bed time prep and the feeding. Other than that, I was a useless blob of diseased organic matter. I crawled under the covers at about 2100 when then the chills and sweats begin. Ugh, Joyce checked in on me and crammed some kind of pill down my throat. Some time around midnight, the fever finally broke and I tried to get some fitful sleep in my sweat-soaked sheets. Nasty. Weird lucid dreams haunted my restless sleep as I faded in and out of consciousness. Right about 0530, I had enough of the dream committee that was debating the spiritual emptiness of the dark ages and crawled out of bed. Where my sub-conscious mind dredges up this stuff, I fear, is no place for a sane mind. Must have been the fever. I was still feeling pretty rotten, but at least I could feel my extremities and the sweating had stopped. I helped get the Twister Twins up and fed, then let the Hounds of Hell out to wreck the back 50. With all things going smoothly, I got out of the house fairly early and arrived at work by 0645.

I went through my email and found that the Great Lost DBA group had completed the table/index changes at 1845 yesterday. Good grief. I began testing again and almost immediately found that the item table still could not handle the data properly. Add one more element to the unique index please, see you in several hours. Good thing I'm going on vacation tomorrow or I might have come in with an assault rifle and shot up the place. Naw, probably not. I would most likely bitch and moan to anyone who would listen. Since I got in at 0645, I think I will head out during lunch and pick up some poly and a brush from the Local Home Depot Temple. There are two in the King Of Prussia area, both are the same distance from where I am working. I think I'll go to the one with a little hot-dog stand out front and get myself a nice big sausage dog, with everything. Nothing beats these dogs, it is part preparation, mostly ambiance. Something about getting your "Construction Worker's Special" just adds to the taste, I can't explain it. You have to have one yourself to know what I dig so much about this penchants of mine.


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