White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Dullish Monday, hyper weekend

Monday, August 30, 2004


Dullish Monday, hyper weekend

Agh.... this weekend was killer. It was so much of a killer that work is my only salvation. When I got to work this morning, it was freezing cold. Not that nice dry cold like the walk-in freezer at the local butcher-shop, but the soupy wet cold like a rainy October morning. The de-humidifiers on the HVAC systems here must be in the toilet. To make things even more uncomfortable, it rained hard in the afternoon and I had left my windows open. I had left them open just a crack in hopes of keeping the interior of my car a few degrees lower than the blast-oven that it becomes, but that crack was just enough to let the side-ways flying rain invade the interior and spoil the rich Corinthian leather upholstery. Then, to add insult to injury, the sun came out and heated everything up enough to make it completely oppressive. With it's task of spreading misery, the sun sulked away behind the drizzling clouds and was seen from no more. Now that the stage is set for anguish, I made my way home in my own personal hot-box on wheels. Once back at the manor, I spent my time hauling all the recycling and trash out to the curb. All the way down the mile-long grand avenue. We had lots of trash and recycling this week. I finally came to my senses and threw out my old hard-copy of code and C modules from 10 years ago. Also out of favor, my collection of glass bottles that I save 'just in case'. This pack-rat mentality needs to go to, but I am having a hard time extracting it from my persona. Once I completed the Prep for HomeComing, PickupToddlers and FeedKidsDinner routines, I was pretty much shot for the evening. This weather is not conducive for me accomplishing anything except complaining. Once the Lovely and Tolerant Mrs MDMHVONPA got home, my dolor receded a bit. She had one of her co-workers pick up some Wiggles Concert Tour shirts for kids when they had a tour-date in Philly. The kids went berserk over them and insisted that they wanted the other one. Standard.


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