White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Bletch

Tuesday, August 03, 2004



I got up feeling like the underside of an overfed pot-bellied pig trudging through a slew of sawgrass. In other words, not so good. On the upside, Jocose Jacob is feeling much better and has gotten his appetite back to boot. He has finished off his evening and morning bottles with not a drop to spare. He seems more content to sit and watch the television these days instead of trying to mold it into his personal interactive device. That is, by turning it on and off repetitively or amping the volume to ear shattering levels. Alexis, however, still indulges her eminent domain over the television. She does forsake this activity in preference to trying to tickle Jacobs feet in the morning. Way too cute, I suspect it is a diversionary tactic.

I slacked off last night and didn't take care of the basket full of peppers that the Mrs and I harvested last weekend. I certainly need to do some of this tonight or get rid of the produce. It WILL go south in the coming weeks that I am absent. The commute in to work was the standard bumper-sucking love fest. The fun was about to begin as I waded through the slew of mail about the primary key issues from yesterday. Seems as though the people on the DBA side sit around and wait for me to leave the building before they start to ask questions. Questions like: "Is it ok to drop the table with test data in it? I cant help you if I cant drop the table." Ok, well, duh! Drop the TEST TABLE WITH TEST DATA. Moron. But wait, it gets better. The 'natural keys' they imposed on the table are unique, but the uniqueness has an issue with the fact that the same order/item id can be submitted for action multiple times, thus breaking their half-assed, crack-pot ideas of not using generated keys to enforce uniqueness. I after resolving the problem from yesterday, it took an hour to make the table available for me to test with. At that point, I immediately found that the same issue existed in 3 other tables that can only be rectified by using the 'post date' as part of this natural key insanity. The worst part, I had to create a generated key for the only adjunct table that works. Why they spared the 'misc transaction' table from this idiocy is a wonder. ARGH! Breath deeply ...10,9,8.... ahhhh.

Ok, here is the question for anyone that thinks that they know me: Am I a Moderate Conservative, Far Right Conservative or a Libertarian with Conservative tendencies.
I seem to have collected these labels from various sources. I like to consider myself a Jacksonian Conservative, but perhaps I am confused. Hmmm, introspection. Tastes good with a nice IPA and a slab of rare beef. Extra bloody.


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