White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Worm in the core

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Worm in the core

Ugh. I was up late watching some crap on television. Switching between a show with "giant insects being rehydrated from a hydrogen fuel cell in a subway" on the sci-fi channel and some show about a police investigator looking for a terrorist in central America who falls in love with a suspect who blah-blah-blah crap. I should have switched off the TV but I couldn't sleep. After the Mrs and I finished cleaning the beans, we ended up trying to fix some problem with the XP machine where pop-ups were not working correctly. Since the whole damn OS is based on IE, the machine was virtually worthless. We spent a lot of time waiting for processes to crash so we got to talk about a lot of different things.

Today is the kids actual 2nd birthday, so Joyce brought party-hats, disposable cameras and a bunch of ice-cream cups for the two rooms where the two little wonders spend their days. I'll be interested to find out how much of a disaster this will allow for. Nothing like mixing sugar and toddlers. The daycare staff may call this the 'Toddler Ice-Cream Fiasco' in stories they pass on to their protege. The other day, I was picking up Jacob the Jolly Joker and three other little boys came rushing at me, all smiles and shouting 'Daddy, Daddy'. I was showing Jacob how to count to five at the time and they were all joining in. I gave each of them a 'High-Five' and had them wave bye-bye as we left the room. The glow on their faces was incredible. When I told the Mrs about it I found out some pretty disturbing things about these kids. One of them is being raised by his great-grandmother. Mom and Grandmother were not interested and dad was not to be found. Likewise, the two others did not have a father figure in their lives. Within moments, my pride in being such a likeable daddy-guy went to sorrow for not spending just a few more seconds with these guys who obviously were interested in having some kind of father-figure in their lives. I'm not saying that what the mothers are doing is wrong. That kind of dogmatic and judgmental labeling really has no place in our modern society. They may have made a choice for these guys that was the best in a pretty dismal situation. Seeing how sweet these boys were, I could never advocate abortion. And for that part I guess I am 'anti-abortion' or 'pro-life' (to pick from a few decidedly unpopular and derogatory labels) in so much that I would adopt a child if the mother would go along with it, but I would not force the decision on her. I can only hope that some day, these kids get a fair shake and get a stable, trustworthy father figure in their lives. I know that children have been raised successfully in single parent homes, but then again, I can live with one lung, one kidney and one eye. I could, but would prefer not to. I'm sure these boys would prefer to have 2 parents. When I look at my parents and my children, I can only hope I make the best of what I have been given and provide at least as much for those who depend on me to be there no matter what.


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