White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Up too late

Friday, July 02, 2004


Up too late

Last night, I just could not get to sleep. I did pretty much nothing around the house after I finished mowing the lawn. Not a good trend. I'm not sure what is driving this malaise, but I have to get back on the ball t oday. I did watch a garbage show in the tube last night called "Dr Satan". Some how Rob Zombie was involved in its production. Just one long gore fest. I should have just shut it off and done something useful, but no. I was OTL. Maybe I'll head over to Home Depot after work today and pick up some stuff to get me into the Workin' Mood. I still need to dispose of the lawn clippings from yesterday and pick the rest of the green beans. Since I got to work a bit early today, I may be able to finish before its time to pick up the kids. Traffic was very light today. The day before a long weekend is usually like that. Either people have already started their vacation and are already at the shore or they are in no mood to be out yet today. It did rain pretty good last night so the light traffic is a blessing. I would have spent at least an extra 15 min on the road just because other people are afraid of wet asphalt. Given the experiences I've had recently with people driving in optimal conditions, I suppose I should not be so judgmental. Another interesting hitch is that they closed a road that I take every day. The PENDOT just gouged a hole in the road that they had recently ground up and repaved not more than 1 month ago. What a waste. The location of this travesty is in the worst possible area. There are no side roads near by that will serve as a useful detour, so you end up driving an extra 15 minutes to get around it. It is right between the Reading Rail road and the PA Turnpike which pretty much means that if I get there anytime near rush hour, I'm going to be stuck there for a very long time. Well, it will seem like a long time and given that more than 5 minutes sitting in traffic feels like a death sentence, I'll be pretty cranky by the time I get home.

Speaking of cranky, Alexis the Queen of Shriek was in a pretty unappealing mood this morning. Jacob the Happy Camper was doing very well this morning. He is over whatever was causing his stomach to revolt. And revolting it was! He was very happy to see me and was just bouncing up and down in his Detention Unit. Alexis, however, was just lolling about and complaining. I had to reach down in and scoop her out. She was rather unenthusiastic about the whole process. I gave her a bottle and proceeded to change her. Of course, she has a bit of diaper rash so I'm assuming that this was not a very enjoyable development for her. She was nearly done with her bottle by the time I finished and she handed it to me. Since the hungry little boy next to her was finished with his bottle, I gave the rest of what was left to him. That did not go over very well. Alexis gave me the most evil look I have ever seen from her. I was stunned for a moment. Jacob handed the bottle back to Alexis, probably sensing her pending explosive rage. She promptly took it and did her best to polish it off. I went from shock to mild bemusement. I think I know where she got that look from. It's the same scowl that we give her when she does something that we do not approve of. She is learning all too quickly. What a manipulator.

In my web-slogging today, I saw this at Fraters Libertas.
A big thank you to the gang over there for participating in the MS75 and helping out us folk in the MS community.


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