White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Rainy Monday

Monday, July 12, 2004


Rainy Monday

My friend Sebastian the water drop came for a visit this Monday. Him and about 2000 billion of his close associates. We got nearly 3-4 inches of the stuff. It was kinda neat for a while, until the roof started to leak. Now that is not something I am entirely comfortable with. That and the damn problems with the Gloss Product feed at GSI. Stuff is still a bit loony. Hopefully I'll get it ironed out before I die. I can see my tombstone now: "Didn't fix the damn Gloss Product Feed Problem. RIP". Bah! On top of that, the report I'm running to determine if the price of a particular item has changed more than 10% between postings took 8 hours and promptly gave up with the complaint that the rollback segment r12 has either timed out or ran out of space. Cowardly rollback segment! Oh well, perhaps I'll slam a few choice indexes on the table to speed things up a bit. The existing complex/composite indexes will not help me much since they include data that I cannot possibly interpolate. I feel like a really broken cog these days.

Speaking of broken cogs, the pit I was digging for the Tashma Hall filled up with water. Several inches of water. I thought I saw the 7th fleet on the far side, but I couldn't tell with all the ice-bergs in the way. This tells me one thing, that I dug too deep on the high side. It looks like my attempts to 'eyeball' the depth didn't come out right. I really cant complain much, all I have to do is shove some of the mountains of clay back into the pit and rake it about. Much easier than mining hundreds of cubic feet of water-laded clay. I need a team of dwarves for this stuff. I still have about 8 feet left, but the lake out back isn't conducive to continuing this effort.

I was outrageously hot at night to boot. I got no restfully sleep at all. Between the sweat trickling down my scalp and the rhythmic snores from Mrs MDMHVONasleep, I found it nearly impossible to doze off. This does not bode well for the remainder of the week.


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