White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Onward March

Monday, July 26, 2004


Onward March

Ahhh, the joys of Monday morning. Time to strap on the boots and buck up for a new work week. I rolled out of the sack at 5:45 with the sounds of the clever little Katie just barely barking. So far, so good. I hear the kids grumbling a bit over the monitor, but not enough to go free them from their own private Gitmo yet. I ten to the hounds and get myself cleaned up. Pop the kids and let them have a bottle before letting them play a bit. Mommy will come down and get them breakfast soon enough. I get out of the house early and get to work at 7:15ish. I've forgotten to do my timesheet this weekend, I guess I'll have to deal with that annoyance when I get home. I have to do this every week and since I now have the ability to do this from home, I have become increasingly tardy with completing it. Convenience has made it a lesser task, most likely giving me a greater opportunity in disregarding it.

I have been tasked at work with a new reporting project of sorts. Actually, it is the greatest piece of work I have been assigned since I got here. Usually I end up massaging some old, broken piece of cruft into a new, flashy piece of cruft. This time I am starting from scratch, which is interesting but presents its own set of issues and difficulties. No matter, I will just throttle back on the blogging and refocus on what I'm being paid to do! The first step is to take the xsd bitlets and cobble them into an xml template that the translator can read and use for inserting the contents into various database tables. Looking at the schema, it would have been nicer if they didn't normalize the daylights out of the tables. The table and column names are atrocious and I don't see any useful indexes. Somebody went through a great deal of effort in doing a Volumetrics analysis, but I seriously doubt that the individual in question has ever been tasked with using anything that they produce. One table goes so far as to require a derived unique sequence number, but no sequence device is provided. My rant would continue if I cared enough.

I received a piece of mail late last week from the insurance company. They have decided that they will no longer choose to cover us. I thought for certain that they had dropped us because of the accident with the Taurus. This morning, my insurance broker gave me a call. Rob M told me that the insurance company in question was getting out of business in Pennsyltucky. That should make Mrs MDMHVONPA feel better. I asked him to look around for a replacement. I'm sure we are going to pay through the nose for new insurance because of the accident. Such is life. Later that afternoon, I went out to the local AAA service center to get a Notary Public to stamp the title transfer documents for this insurance company. They are holding 20% of the value of the totaled car till we sent the paperwork and keys in. I suppose the sooner we do this, the better.

For some reason, some poetry got lost and ended up in my noggin this morning, I guess I'll set it free:
Building sand castles upon the wreckage of past castles.
Throwing pebbles at the surf, vainly fending off the inevitable assault.
Yielding before the unrelenting undertow, the ever rising tide of erosion.
Parapets crumbling, walls breaching, bastion failing.
Nothing more to do but to build more sand castles upon the ruins of the past and throw pebbles at the everpresent surf.
Voracious, unremitting, insatiable.


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