White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Not a good day

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Not a good day

I woke up today with a migrane. This one was not going to go down without a fight either. On top of that, my body was a giant mess of aches and pains. Everything hurts, even things I did not know I had. Usually I cram a fist of pills down my gullet and suck it up, but this time I decided that perhaps I should ease back on the throttle a bit. Perhaps, just perhaps, I should spend a day at home alone this time. Sleep a bit, let the migrane peter out. Staring at a flashing monitor backlit by dozens of fluorescent lights usually is not conducive to alleviating a migrane. Lying in a water-bed perusing National Geographic's latest pictorial of the Smokey Mountain Range backlit by halogen lights tends to be a better pick. Go figure. Work may seem like an 8 hour vacation away from the tribulations of home an family, but in some cases it can be a living hell. So I stayed home and did some minor things about the house. I would have preferred to go back to sleep until the pain abated, but my body was in no mood for that nonsense. It was impossible to get comfortable enough to stop thinking about how uncomfortable I was. So out of bed I tumbled, determined to do something to take my mind off of my 'human condition'. I had purchased some flag-pole supports for the front deck and decided that installing them would be a minor task. It took over an hour. I couldn't get the holders to line up and then getting the screws into the 4x4 posts became nearly impossible due to the height at which I installed the holders. I got most of the screws in all the way and only 2 of the screws in most of the way. I'll have to revisit that some day, but not now. I had also bought two 3/4 inch poles on which I attached the hooks for the flags. This was a much easier task. I almost felt embarrassed when I put the flags out on the front porch. I used to have the flags draped out the windows, but took them down when winter came. Needed to keep that expensive heat in. Heat generated by natural gas .. expensive natural gas. Ethanol, anyone? Soon? Please! Anyways, I'm glad I got that done. It's been a long time in coming. I'm proud of my flag and what it stands for, so I shall fly it.

Not much else got accomplished. I picked a few bushels of beans, a bag of sugar-snap peas and enough peppers to keep Peter Piper busy for a fortnight. The jalapeno peppers were huge. Texas Huge. I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with them all, probably slice them into rounds and pickle them. Last time I tried to make cheese filled poppers with them, I nearly killed a couple of folk who were used to the more bland version served in restaurants. I suppose I need to work on that Scottsdale Heat Index sensitivity. The green beans are starting to become troublesome. I need to prune them back a bit and maybe use stakes to keep them from flopping over so much. The ones that the groundhog chewed up are actually coming back with a vengeance. I suppose I should thank Mr Rat-Bastard Groundhog for showing me an interesting method of agricultural intervention. Since its has been raining for the last 40days and 40nights here, I wont be mowing the lawn on Wednesday. Perhaps I'll do some other lawn work instead. We shall see.


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