White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Mr Mom

Thursday, July 22, 2004


Mr Mom

Jacob and I had fun yesterday, where I was playing Mr Mom and he was playing the part of something like a mute cross between Beaver (from leave it to Beaver) and Hunter S. Thompson.  I had the television on pretty much non-stop, but he seemed to have little interest in my selection of programming.  I guess I'm just not in tune with today's younger generation!

We spent a large portion of the day in the kitchen.  Jacob made sure of this by closing the gate to the other rooms whenever he saw that I had it open.  Just his way to make sure that I don't trick him into the other room I guess.  He's starting to learn my devious ways.  Much smarter than his mom, I tricked her into thinking I was a great catch.  She has the last laugh by popping out twins on me.  Curses!  So while Jacob spent his time pushing chairs about the tile floor to see how deep of a scratch he could leave, I did kitcheny type stuff.  Cut up beans and peppers we harvested from the Agricultural Sector, put away dishes from the dish washer.  Put canned/cured food into the bomb shelter/food distribution center in the 3rd basement level.  I even did some laundry.  Mr Mom INDEED!

While I was busy with the dishes, a chair magically appeared behind me and Jacob materialized on it.  It was positioned just close enough that he could reach over the counter and grab the handle of one of the rather large knives I was using to cut the peppers.  Now this caused an immediate reaction from me to snatch the knife from his grasp, but my big concern was that these were hot peppers.  My fingers were burning a bit because these jalapeno peppers were very strong.  The last thing I need is for Jacob to start rubbing his eyes or putting his fingers in his mouth (as he usually does) only to transfer this oily fire to his sensitive skin.  I washed his hands down with bacterial soap and a firm scrubbing to nip this disaster in the bud.  From then on, knives as far back as possible, chairs to the other end of the mess-hall. 

 At 10:30ish, a show came on PBS that I have been curious about for some time.  It is called BoohBah and it is some kind of devious mind-control Teletubbies bletch that sucks you in for a complete waste of time.  The show lasts 30 minutes and Jacob did not budge an inch for the whole thing.   Scary.  I taped it just in case I need to immobilize him in the future.  I'm sure that the liberals have something to do with this.  When Mrs MDMHVONPA saw this, she was appalled and refused to have any more of it taped if she had anything to do with it.  Oddly enough, when I was running the tape for her and Alexis, the television started to emit a high-pitch tone that would only stop when we shut off the television.  It stopped shortly after the show was half way over.  Hmm, I'm suspicious.  Black helicopters have been seen in the area.

I put Jacob down at a quarter past noon for his nap and went to the Tower Construction Site to supervise the completion of the Eastern wall.   The uncompensated labor force worked at a feverish pace to make the deadline.  Much sweat and blood was shed in the final phases of the Eastern Wall.  The completed construction only deviated from the line by 1/4 of an inch in some places and it was level for the whole 30 feet except in one place.  This was where the sprinkler line was encountered and the stones had to ride up over it for a raise of 1/8 of an inch.  Not much, but it did leave a noticeable rise in the blocks over it.  Noticeable to me, but unless you have a level and a straight-line, you would not know it.  I will see that little hick-up ever time I look at the wall, I know it.   This was actually the easy part, the next part will involve traversing the slope decline from a below-grade wall to an above grade wall.  There will be much excavating to do this properly and lining up the bricks will be troublesome.  My ponderances and the angst of the engineers/architects ended at 3:30 when Jacob rose from his mid-day slumber.

The rest of the day consisted of getting the kids fed, changed, bathed and all that which completes the schedule.  The only deviation is that we have to restrain Jacob after his bath so that we can feed him his yogurt instead of a bottle of milk.  It takes one person to hold him still while the other fills him up with the creamy sleep-inducing goodness.  This will get old quite quickly.


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