White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Monday V2.0

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Monday V2.0

So I came to work today. My fear was that since I didn't come in yesterday, that something that I had left running on Monday would have gone amuck. Nothing did. What a relief. I got a late start, but the traffic didn't bother me much. How odd! Turns out that we will be reorganizing the team here at the client site, so it looks like more work (finally) for me in the near future. Not such a bad thing, really. Since it is supposed to rain tonight, I think I'll skip mowing the lawn today. The Mrs will be out of state tomorrow so it is looking like the grass harvest will have to wait till either Friday or Saturday. Since my parental units may be coming down this weekend, it will probably be best if I do it Friday. Looking at my schedule, it seems that we are expecting company from Bonnie and Eddie as well. Hmmm, I'll have to confirm this with the Social Director. I think that there will be more than enough available rooms at the Haupertonian Guest Suites and Spa, but I better check to make sure. I'll need to finish up the pit dig as well. I don't want to sit around diddling with moving tons of clay around. I'd rather start assembling the watch towers/play set. I did get around to ordering the 6 or so square yards of sand. The guy was surprised when I told him I wanted to fill a 20x30 area to 6" ... that comes out to be about 11.5 yards. He proclaimed "Wow, that's a lot of sand!". I balked and decided to half the amount to see how it goes, it should be more than enough even if we only fill to 3". At the reduced amount, its about 10.5 tons of sand = 287.18 + tax. Oof, this project is really starting to hit the old budget with a 10.5 ton sledge hammer. I visited a site that talks about how much sand or other cushion materials you need for a non-fatal fall from x feet. It's a bit unnerving. I wonder how they collect these data points! Apparently, wood-chips or much will allow you to fall 11" if you have 1 foot of it. The problem is, it rots and Jacob has developed a taste for the stuff. Fine gravel? I don't think so. How about glass shards! Or metal shavings. They didn't even mention rubber mats. "Fall Height in Feet from Which a Life Threatening Head Injury Would Not be Expected ", what an ominous title.

I'm expecting a little mid-afternoon boost today. I've been invited to a little beer-lunch, on the house. I'll fill you folks in later. It's time to guzzle.


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