White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Late again

Thursday, July 29, 2004


Late again

Today is going to be short, mostly because not much has happened. I managed to swing out of bed at 6 ... but still ended up running late. Go figure Jake had a 101 fever this morning, so he got a good dose of drugs. I swear, this kid gets more pharma than some small east European countries. What makes this more disturbing is that I think I have contracted whatever he has. I've got swollen glands in my throat in it is starting to itch. Not a good sign. On the up side, the temperature was nice in the morning, 68 degrees, and the traffic was light. I spent most of my day either pounding on this worthless settlement report or trying to catch up with the blogging (read/write). None of the three got the attention I wanted to give them. Well, strike that, I did actually spend a good amount of time screwing around with the report stuff with great success, but the load/process time is unbearable due to system constraints. We finally got the DBAs to fix the tables so that the size of the order identifier field matched reality. The email going between the DBA who owned the schema and the woman (Phillys) who specified the schema was funny. A nice little pissing contest going on there. Get over it folks. I picked up Jacob early and stuffed him full of yogurt and fruit puree. He seems to liven up once daddy or mommy arrive on the scene. He fakes melancholy, his sister fakes her cries of angst. The second they get what they want, it shuts off. Conniving little ... awww damn, I've been duped. The Mrs got home late, she got lost a few times and traffic in the new location is unpredictable. I have worked in that area and tried to give her a few tips. 1) Leave early. 2) See #1. At the end of the day, I find myself dragging something fierce and find that the comfort of a cool bed is much to hard to resist. Hopefully, this virus will be an easier foe that what the twins have offered up before.


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