White Lightning Axiom: Redux: ITS NOT FRIDAY!

Thursday, July 01, 2004



Ugh, it was tough getting up today. Ever have one of those days where you just want to pull the sheets over your head and wake up the next day? Not an option, I know, but damn tempting. I did nothing of note after the kids went to bed last night, and the prospects for this morning are looking pretty bleak as well. I did have a brief conversation with my co-worker/project manager this morning before we had to go to a meeting. A meeting on why Amazon Adjustments are fouled up. The meeting went ok, everyone agreed that there were problems that needed to be looked at. More interestingly, the non-work discussions with C*. She is recently divorced because her husband, who she had been supporting for the last four years, ran off with her best friend. A best friend who also got divorced because of this trist. Needless to say, this 'other woman' who we will call L* is going up to Alaska with C*'s ex to become an Episcopal Minister. Since the ex-husband, F*, is still not working, he does not pay child support. He still gets visitation rights where C* puts the kids on a plane and sends them to California or Alaska or where-ever they decide to live this week. Now C* works really hard and puts in quite a lot of hours AND takes care of the kids. On top of that, F* wants 50% of the money she has in a trust fund. I'm wondering why L* wants to become a minister and if her new 'flock' knew about her history if they would want her to be preaching to them. shudder... Perhaps I'm being judgmental, but if I were C*, I would use that 50% F* wants and put out a contract on him.

The kicker today is that it is July 1st. That means two things. I get paid for my last 2 weeks of fiducial malfeasance and I have to put in my timesheet so that we can take more money from our current client. Stupid timesheet. Oh well, at least the traffic was light this morning so I'm not in a foul mood. And I get to mow the lawn today ... and pick beans ... and kill bugs. I think I'll turn on the sprinkler system today. After my lawn-work is done. Maybe Mrs MDMHVONPA will allow the kids to run through them, that would be fun. We could all strip down to our underwear and run around the sprinklers in the front lawn. I think our neighbors would be flabbergasted. My goals would be advanced. :)


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