White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Friday finale

Friday, July 30, 2004


Friday finale

Managed to get up early this wonderful Friday morning and get to work by 7am. Nice. The down side is that my pseudo-boss John P is leveling threats that I will have tons of work coming my way. Its not that I don't like to work, its that I've heard this so many times before and seen nothing come of it. Makes the work that I do get a little anti-climatic.

My PM at my current site had an interesting night out. This is the same person that I have written about before and whom I call C*. Apparently, her kids are off either at camp or visiting her Ex. So she went out to see a band that I have never heard of at a bar that I have never visited. In any event, the lack of sleep made her even more irrational and nit-picky as usual. What frustrates her when working with me is my persistent noncommittal attitude about table and column names. I couldn't give a damn while it is her primary focus. Never ceases to amuse me that she just cant pick the right name. Hopefully, I'll be able to wrap up this settlement download/load program and not have it hanging over my head during vacation.

Since it is Friday, we went to see Family Friend Pete and horde. We talked and drank and ate and so forth. Pete and his wife Patty talked to us (me and the Mrs) about her PECO incident with her sister. Scary, her sister hijacked her name/address and racked up a 800$ bill. Her mother was there and still doesn't understand how she could have thought that it was ok to do such a thing. I'm amazed as well. I just cannot put words to how befuddled I am about how a person could do that to your own flesh and blood! And even worse, I really don't think that she needed the money for anything legit, if it was a cash issue, getting a job would solve it. Amazing.

On a final note, I noticed that my blogging has been a bit lax. Work during the day, kids in the evening and exhaustion at night is taking its toll. The stats reflect this. Sorry folks, I'll buck up after vacation. The infrequent/erratic posting should abate after I get my bearings back.


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