White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Catch Up (not Heinz)

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Catch Up (not Heinz)

Tuesday was an unfortunate day. The first day back in a short week after a long weekend is always troubling, but events conspired to make it all that more disastrous. It started at the UNGODLY hour of 2:41am. What? No second count as well? Yeah, well I knew the time because it was what I could see on the clock as I struggled against the migrane that woke me from my sweaty slumber. I managed to find the Vioxx and not spill the microscopic pills across the bathroom floors, but I had left the Maxalt in the fridge next to the bed. Not caring if I had to chew that damn things, I go to the fridge and start to fumble about in the dark trying to find the box. After a few moments, I discover that I cannot find them because the pain is inhibiting my ability to discern what the hell is in my hands. I opened the microwave to get some light on the situation. I forget that the sound of the microwave is a signal to Mrs MDMHVONPA that the kids are awake and will be soon drinking warm milk. Much to her surprise, it was just me trying to open one of the impenetrable packets of Maxalt. She offered to help, but I had already gnawed part of the packet away as well as 6 inches of my canleft arm. Ok, I really didn't chew my arm off, but I would not have noticed if I did. I drifted in and out of lucidity until about 6:15 when I finally had to get up and tend to the Tormenting Toddlers of Tenacious Lament. As the fog of pain slowly dispersed, things got a bit easier. I changed Alexis's diaper again after she deposited a reminder of why we need to potty train her and got on my way to work. The traffic was mild, not many of my fellow motorists were interested in resuming their respective work duties any more than I was.
At work, the process that I had let run over the long weekend did not blow-up and things that were broke when I left were still broke. I spent my time catching up on the blogs that I usually slog through. Perhaps, slog would be a more apropos term in place of blog. Except for Broken Clay. She is concise, brief and mentions me every so often. Puffing up my ego, she is. Hmmm, yes? I packed very little lunch for the day and oddly enough, did not feel that hungry. Must have been the gallons of lager and the heaping plates of bratwurst that I ate this weekend sticking with me. I spent some time chatting with Pretty European Renee' about her dating experiences with the Rat-Tat-Tooie boy toy and her aspirations for getting out of the software industry. The money is good, but there comes a point where prostituting yourself becomes an antithesis of what you expected your life to be when you started out. Of course, once the kids come along, aspirations and goals tend to shift a bit. As they should.

Goals. Speaking of them, the Mrs and I managed to get 1/3 of the green beans that came from our garden clean up. My work-horse father picked about 2.5 bags worth and we still have a new load growing in the three rows I planted in the Agricultural Sector. I'll have to can the ones that are worth it and prepare the ones that are a bit too mature for Alexis. She only likes the beans inside, not the outer skin. The beans are dry and not very tasty, but she likes them and they are a very nutritious. If I introduce her to baked beans, Mrs MDMHVONPA will advocate that I be banished from the city-state and a Methane-Free zone be established within the Manor. Perhaps I'll start her off with bacon. Mmmmm, bacon.


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