White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Brick and Mortar

Friday, July 23, 2004


Brick and Mortar

We had more antics this morning when I dropped off Alexis.  It was not as rough as it was yesterday, but still heart-rending none the less. Today, Mrs Donna acted as a shield by positioning herself between Alexis and myself as I headed for the door. At the last moment, Alexis started to realize that she was being duped and began protesting. Too late, daddy has left the building. On the way out the front door, I dropped off a check that the Lovely Mrs MDMHVONPA had given me to pay off the guards ... err, day care professionals for the month. At 150 a week each, it tends to add up. I think our price has gone up as well, but I don't pay much attention to those details. We are getting a pretty good rate for twins as it is and I don't think we can beat the price/location synergy.

This morning on the way to the turnpike, I stopped at a side road just before one of the last intersections that I must navigate to get out of 'Surface Road Hell'. If I turn south on this road, I eventually get to one of my Home Depot Temples. This is the same road that we took last weekend when we were picking up the retaining wall blocks. And that is why I stopped. Yesterday, on my way home, I noticed that there was one of these blocks sitting next to the curb. It was fairly beat up. Three of the corners had been chipped off and it had a few scratches on it. When we were picking up the last load, the blocks were on a pallet and as a result, were a bit top heavy. We took this turn and I noticed that one stack had tipped over and was leaning up against the side of the truck. I didn't think much of it till I saw the lonely, battered block yesterday. I can only pray that it did not hit or damage somebody's vehicle. So I stopped this morning and lugged the block back to my car. Placing it in the trunk, I thought of my doting parents and thought I would give them a call. Not because I had found a way-ward block, but because my Hero Dad had decided to come down again this weekend to give the Watch Towers/Play Set another try. The weather will most likely not cooperate this weekend, but they may come down anyways. I give Memory Mom a call and let her know about it but she proclaims that it may clear up. I think they will come down anyways and spend time with Alexis (who continues to check the guest room for Grams and Gramps) and Jacob (who is enjoying the personal time with Mom and Dad wayyy too much).

The work day is anti-climatic. The reports are working properly so there is not much else to do. I'm probably going to be back to waiting for Gift-Wrap support from Amazon or probing for restock charges in the JDA. In the mean time, I can entertain my co-workers with lavish stories of my escapades in the wilds of the Haupertonian City-State Combine Territories.

As a final shot across my bow, the bewitching Mrs MDMHVONPA gives me a call on my cell phone to let me know that Jovial Jacob fooled her again and had a blow out. She went on to describe the consistency and exit points of said material. From the description, it seems that Jacob is recovering quite quickly on his diet of bananas, pretzels and beer. Ok, no beer, but no dairy either. Except for the yogurt with the 'good' bacteria. I've eaten the yogurt he prefers and have declared it unpalatable and distressingly unappetizing. How he can exclusively eat this soupy (and expensive) rot is beyond me. He must some how know in a Jungian primordial memory that this bacterial mass is his ancient foe and by eating them, he is gaining their strength. More power to him, I say. I mention to the Mrs that she needs to buy heart-worm pills for dogs, birthday thank-you cards from the kids and potassium iodide for the kids. Don't ask, I'm not going to tell you.


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