White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Back to the Grind

Thursday, July 22, 2004


Back to the Grind

Yesterday was mundane.  As all Thursdays are.  Not quite Friday, but not Monday either.  I did get to learn the trials and tribulations of trying to drop of Alexis, Queen of Shriek off at day care.  I got there at 7am on to dot.  Things were going well, I brought her in and we seemed to be the first ones there.  No problem, just start putting things away ... oh, ok.  Alexis was not very interested in being put down.  She insisted that I hold her to the last second.  Soooo, I bumbled and floundered about trying to wrap things up.  I thought that I would try to put her in one of the seats that would keep her out of trouble while she eats her breakfast, but she would splay her feet to foil my efforts.  She would kick and squirm just enough to keep her legs out of the holes in the seat, but not too much so as to loose her iron grip on my shoulders.  Then I notice that she has no shoes on, again.  Argh.  This happened the previous day as well.  In a rush to get out of the house, we forgot to put her shoes on and didn't bring any in the day-bag.  I give Mrs MDMHVONPA  a call and let her know that I may need her to toss me a pair of shoes as I drive by so I can bring them back.  They go outside at sometime between 9:45 and 10:45 so they need to have the shoes.  My lovely (sexxxy) Mrs let me know that she was going out shopping this morning so she would drop off the shoes on the way.  Whew, that thirty minute time sink avoided, I start to work on extricating Alexis from myself.  After a few minutes of negotiation, I managed to get her to occupy both her hands.  Some kind of breakfast snack.  Little nuggets of breaded fruit goo.  Whatever, the kids like them and they have a marginal nutritional value.  I try to explain to her that Daddy needs to go to work so he can buy nice things for her.  Like a private education, braces, college tuition for her PhD in NanoTechnology Brain Interfaces from Princeton and MIT, and her Wedding when she is 30.  She seems quite nonplussed at my insistence that I must leave.  Some of the other fathers are starting to show up and drop off their scions with much greater success than I.  Of course, her class is comprised primarily of  boys except for her and one other girl, 'Carly'.  So as the little boys made of snips and snails and puppy-dog tails dart away from the fathers, I try to out-wit my little sugar girl who is becoming aware that I am trying to ditch her.  She only becomes more irate as I keep my distance and then she starts to wail.  Oh man, this just isn't right.  Mrs Donna lets me know that this happens a lot and I should just go.  I hear her explain to one of the fathers that she does this and she wont allow herself to be picked up by anyone else.  Ok, there goes another dagger into Daddy's heart.

The trip into work was fairly uneventful.  Traffic was oddly light except for one stretch of the turnpike just before my exit (New exit #326).  Some construction truck had dropped a load of junk into the middle of the road.  My fellow commuters were going through twists and turns to avoid the rubble, some with much less success than others.  Since I have taken up driving in the slow lane, I just pulled off to the expansive shoulder in the area and completely avoided the hazard.  The drivers in the left lane just had to grit their teeth and hope that nothing would puncture a tire or get sucked up into the engine compartment.  My left-lane Karma is starting to pay out in spades!

At work, I had a meeting to go to at noon.  It was actually a training session for a new project tool.  All I have to say about spending half a million dollars on a work-flow tool and training is that in this situation, it's like polishing a turd.  It's still a turd when you finish.  They have a cow-boy culture here and throwing money at it is not going to fix it.  I could rant about this for hours, but I much rather sit back and watch the NASCAR accident, you know?

A few days ago, I posted a link to Vox (also see link under LLL) which resulted in an interesting little bit of commentary on his part.  This also caused a link-back that had impressive effects on the visitor count.  The man wields more power amongst his choir than I would ever hope to carry.  Very smart man.  Dangerous too.  I'm going to have to call the thought police.  What made this even more bizarre was the comment from LA about manual pollinization of squash.  Completely off topic, but resulted in much hilarity.

The final opus of the day was that the uncompensated workers finally started construction of the South Wall at the construction site.  It looks like the South and North walls will be a bit more difficult than the East and West walls.  It involves rotating the face of  the blocks when they break the surface height of the slope and become exposed.  To keep the wall level, I need to have steps dug into the built up embankment which will result in a load of excess clay.  I can use this excess to fill in the trough where we laid the new cable so it wont be a complete loss, but it is extra work I was not counting on.  As it stands now, the South wall is about 40% completed with the most difficult part left.  The part where I start digging in has just started and it will be hard to get anything done this weekend if the weather does not cooperated as projected.  I'm not fond of working in mud.


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