White Lightning Axiom: Redux: 7/7 Double Lucky Birthday

Sunday, July 04, 2004


7/7 Double Lucky Birthday

Its the day of the Big Bash! We got hot-dogs, sausage, hamburgers, 4 hour slow cooked ribs, sweet corn on the cob, Mom's specialty tater-salad, baked beans with bacon, fruit-salad (yummy-yummy), and of course cake. People came from everywhere! The best man in my wedding and close friend (who married another close friend) came all the way from Rochester NY! They had recently gotten the good news that they are expecting as well so we can expect to make a trip up their way sometime soon. My 4th cousin on my Mother's side who also had recently had a little girl (Audrey) came out for the festivities. Cute little bugger with big blue eyes and light auburn hair. It was good to see them again. They will be heading out to Minnesota via airplane so we will be seeing more of them as well! Our good friends David & Inger came out from the western waste-lands to return the pleasure of our earlier visit. I love to have them over since they have no equal when it comes to mastery of conversation. Inger always makes you feel that you have given her the moon when you hand her a fork. She has got to be the most gracious person I have ever met. The Seliga Clan came on by too. Their daughter Brittany is probably Alexis's favorite non-related person. When she got up from her nap, she had no interest in being set down until Britt strode into the room and caught the eye of the wilting flower that Alexis had become. She immediately grew a 10 foot smile on her face, jumped out of my lap and reached out for her long-lost friend. Ahhh, time for daddy to escape and try to be a good host. Earlier, we had set up a tarp over the back deck with 3 2x4 supports. We set up a table with some warming trays on it. I had habitually forgotten my sausages on the grill so they tended to explode a bit. Every time I managed to pull away to get a beer from outside, I would see a little smoke coming out of one of the 3 grills we had going. Argh. Fortunately, nothing got burnt to a point of being 'burnt', just a bit crisp. The whole gift-opening experience was incredible. The kids actually got into it! They shredded the paper, one gift at a time. It was amazing. The did rip some of the cards asunder, but it was ok all in the name of expediency. As soon as we get the thank-you cards out, they will have more new toys to play with than I had in my entire childhood! The cake ceremony went well too. Last year, Alexis grabbed a hand-full of frosting and when everyone cheered, she became terrified and broke down into a cascade of sobs and wails. This year, she knew the drill and got into the whole act with the enthusiastic ardor and single mindedness of a true toddler. Ah, yes. Frosting. Sugar. Brain Explosion. Wow. The entire day went well. Not too hot, no rain, gentle wind. Guests left in a timely and fashionable order. A few at a time to allow us to thank and send them off. Just enough people stayed to have conversations as others played with the little ones. I'm still not sure who had more fun. Me, the kids or the guests. It was all good (to paraphrase a famous convict). It almost makes me look forward to the 3rd birthday. I really don't think it would have went as smoothly without the extensive help from my family and the Mrs. A belated thanks to all you out there for all that you have done. (Yes, brief and curt, but you know that if I wanted to be really sappy, it just wouldn't sound right.)


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