White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Work it b2b baby

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Work it b2b baby

Gha, work is a bust today. While I was preoccupied yesterday, my work-world went into the shitter. I launched a product feed yesterday afternoon and after four hours of processing, it came up bust. Nada, nothing in the file. This is because a file that is supposed to be migrated between the production database and one of the staging databases is not happening.

Flush one.

The b2b system was in flux. For some reason, there were a huge number of rejected files in the error directory. When I looked in the processing directory, I found nothing. After a few moments of panic and a lot of searching, I found that the error files had been processed but their lack of presence in the processed directory was due to a half-assed cleanup effort. The files should have been deleted in BOTH directories.

Flush two.

The Knot, a wedding gift list/registry was having problems getting a file picked up and processed for the last week. Upon searching the 300 MB log file for this order in the B2B processing system, I came up empty. Not a sign of it in the transition directories or the database. Odd, so I take a peek at the feed host and finally find it in a special directory. For some reason, the downloaded file was missing a critical component and could not be converted. Why no-one was alerted is beyond me.

Flush three.


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