White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Well, we knew it would come to this

Friday, June 18, 2004


Well, we knew it would come to this

So the terrorists have finally figured out that we wont quit when they blow up our buildings, kill our citizens and persist in spite of the traitorous behavior rising around us in our allies or amongst us in our cities. They figured out that we don't care how much we need to spend to achieve our goals. This is now mute, they have decided to turn to our economics to try and stifle or efforts. If you think 2$/gal is high, just wait till they start in on the oil refineries over-seas. PLEASE, Please, please Mr Govt-Man, please start to push the ethanol gambit. We have half the oil we need in domestic production. If we could use ethanol for autos/semis/etc and nukes for electricity, we would be secure. Save the oil/gasoline for the tanks and the jeeps and such. Make the surly motorist use a domestic fuel source. Why pay foreign entities for our life-blood when we can pay our family farmer to grow corn. CORN, for crying out loud. You want a good use for all that Genetic Engineered Corn that the EU wont buy, there you go. Ok, end of rant.


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