White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Tax-n-Spend-n-Tax-n-Death .... -n-Tax just to be sure

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Tax-n-Spend-n-Tax-n-Death .... -n-Tax just to be sure

Interesting development. My wife told me that she heard that there will be new taxes on things in Pennsylvania that were previously not taxed. I thought what she said was odd, but didn't think much of it. Rendell is a nice guy, but he needs to get the cash from somewhere. Then this morning, I heard the whole story on NPR. It turns out he wants to raise the income tax in PA by 1% ... I think we are at a pretty low 2.8% or something like that. This is a trade off to eliminate school tax which I am all for, but not having a tax specifically for school purposes will add some grief to the whole budget process. There was a counter proposal put out that maybe there should now be tax on food, clothes and pharma which is not taxed in PA now. This would hit the people who need relief the most. As a Jacksonian neo-con, I know that agreeing with a Democrat is heresy at best, traitorous blasphemy at worst. The goof-balls in Harrisburg need to take a lesson from Arnold and just cut to the chase and do what works. Do what is supported by the population. As it is, I now have to pay a local school tax and a local income tax, half of later goes to the school. The idea was that once we started paying the income tax, our school tax/local property tax would be reduced. Never happened, not surprised. Frog in hot water, don't-cha know.


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