White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Rub-a-Dub-SCRUB

Monday, June 14, 2004



Scruba-scruba. I got the urge to clean up the front porch and paid the price. I started scrubbing the planks with a wire bristle brush at about 6:15 pm and didnt finish up till about 8:30pm. Im still picking the slivers and cruft out of my fingers. It was humid as can be as well. Pretty close to 100% humidity. I nearly drown just trying to catch my breath! Saw a fish swim by my head, no, a school of fish ... I swear! At least the hard part is done, now I can just put a few layers of stain on there and it will be looking pretty good for the BIG #2 BIRTHDAY PARTY comming up on the 4th. Wow, two years. I never imagined myself in this place when I got married. Its wierd to look back at the years before the House, kids and dogs ... before the wedding rings and such. So much simpler, but devoid of direction or purpose. It almost feels as though it is someone else's life. Of course, it was a time before MS and any responsibility too. I guess it is someone else's life. A much more shallow and incomplete person. Go figgure.


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