White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Right to Citizenship

Monday, June 14, 2004


Right to Citizenship

Ohhh, this is kind of neat. Someone will probably come down on me for this point of view, but I really do think that we could use two classes of citizens: Citizens and Residents. Citizens can vote, Residents cannot. There are other various sundry distinctions between the two, but I feel that if you are going to be a citizen, you damn well better vote. How do you become a citizen? Participate. Be it in the military or some other governmental function. Excel in academics, etc... You cant just pop out and expect to be given the world on a platter for NO EFFORT. Given this (bizzaro) point of view, I'm a resident. Sure, I vote. I bitch to my elected officials. However, I don't think (other than THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS) I've really given my country much in return for what I have taken.
Ok, I think the drugs may have altered my perception a bit. This twist is just a bit too bizzaro for me to support. Interesting fiction, bad social science.


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