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Friday, June 11, 2004


Rainy Days Make Me Smile rain-drops keep falling on my head...

Friday, got up early, mild traffic and it's raining! Ahhh, my perfect day. It could only be better if it was pay-day. Not that I fixate on money or live hand to mouth mind you. Im not sure what makes that little kernel of zen inside me burst out into an all encompasing calm when it rains. It could be the Minnesota Farmer Virus that makes me feel good when it is gently raining. It could be the cooling effect it has here in Philly if it manages to rain for more than fifteen minutes. Usually we get a big thunderstorm rolling through in the middle of the day just to dump a load of 'swamifier', making it that more muggy and uncomfortable. The rain makes the other commuters sleep in a bit so traffic is light, maybe that is it. The Agricultural Progress Zone in the Western District of the Haupert-Woo Independent City State could always use a little rain to make it easier to exceed the production quotas. I guess I could just drop the feeble attempts at analysis and enjoy it. Sounds like a plan, just need to get a cup of coffee and watch the drips of water slowly make their way down the pane of glass. I guess its a simile of life making you become more intospective. I think I'll call that drop at the top "Sebastian".


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