White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Porch Progress

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Porch Progress

It was dark and stormy night. Well, not quite dark and not quite night, but pretty soggy none the less. I got antsy and decided to stain the front porch despite the rain. It would not have taken long except I spilled about a half cup of stain on the cement step and had to scrub it out before it set. It was the typical MS snafu where I didn't know where my hands/feet were and ended up tripping over the can. To brace for the fall, I put my hands out and one went right into the paint tray I just filled with stain ... "SPLORT!", all over the place. Fortunately, I had that gallon jug of deck-soap on hand with the wire scrub brush ... splash-scrubba-scrubba-scrubba. It doubled the time necessary to do the actual staining, but there you go. I'll probably put a second coat on the planks tomorrow before I mow the lawn, just to be sure that it didn't get washed away in the rain. When I was finished, it looked pretty snappy. All clean and woody. Nice! I spent the rest of the night playing with the kids (getting them all hyped up for Mommy) and some other non-work related activities. Kind of nice to take a evening off once in a while. I still need to get out to my Most Favored Nation, Home Depot, and pick up more wood for the master-suite (you know, phase III) and perhaps another can of polyurethane. This weekend, I'm going to try to start the prep work for the new play-set we (we being Hero Amish Dad and myself) intend on building for the kids. This thing will probably make the Eiffel tower and TashMa hall look like hack jobs!


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