White Lightning Axiom: Redux: Poke-poke-poke OW!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Poke-poke-poke OW!

In response to an email I received:

Thanks for writing I'm always amazed when people read my page. Certainly a double-honor that you linked to my page! I'm sure the "fascination" will wear off and I will move on with life but I figure I might as well Blog while I am interested


If you don't mind me asking - what specifically made you decide to stop taking the injections?

Take care!
<name withheld>

Why did I stop taking Injections? Well, lots of reasons actually. Mostly because they were worse than the MS. My immune system was just a little to robust to be suppressed/interdict by the ABC medications. I would start on one, and within 6 months I would begin having horrible reactions to it. It would always start as low-grade fever and site reactions, then get worse from there. Now that I have had MS for 10-12 years now, things have stabilized quite nicely. I try to eat lots of 'dark' skinned fruit (blue berries, black grapes) to reinforce my blood-brain barrier and I take 3 capsules of GLA a day to help out with reconstructing the myelin coating. It seems to be working as I have not had any real incidents in quite some time. Reducing stress and keeping to a schedule helps. My diet (I eat tons of everything) helps too, a pint of tomatoes, grapes, blueberries, a banana, apple, apricots, yogurt and tomato juice for lunch every day and lots of meat for dinner. I eat loads of carbs and bread with olive oil and a marginal amout of fat. I work my ass off with the heavy chores so exercise is covered. I usually don't fall for the homeopathic bunk, but I think a good attitude is pretty helpful too. My mom has had MS since 1978 and she is going strong today. She has had her problems, but no-one would notice. And there you go, why I don't do the injections anymore.


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