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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


NoMow Redux

It has been a moderately busy day, ergo, the lack of posting. Most of my activity revolved around the problems we have been having with Amazon refunds. To date, we have over-refunded about 2000$ to about 29 customers. Ouch. That's what you get for tracking things AFTER they have been done. If the tracking fails, you just keep doing it over and over again. And over, and over ad nasuim. Money down the tubes. Nice segway to my discussion with the insurance guy. I finally got a hold of this guy and talked about the implications of the whole car accident. The final verdict is that they will 'total' the car. They indicated that the car would be valued at about 3.5-3K and they will send me a check for 80% of that this week. Then they will give me the other 20% once I sign over the title to them. What a pain. If the damn air-bags didn't deploy, the damage would be fixable for less than the deductible. Stupid air-bags. Stupid car. Stupid insurance. In any event, I will need to call my regular insurance broker and have him remove the car from the policy so I don't have to pay for it's coverage any-more. As for the other woman involved in the incident? She is visiting her doctor for the whip-lash and will be going back to him in 3 weeks for a follow-up. She does not know if she has full tort or limited tort, so she doesn't know if she wants to sue for more. What that means is she has limited tort. You have to ask and PAY for full tort. I know, I have full tort. Its a negotiation tool for me. People don't mess with you if they see you packing a insurance policy loaded with a full tort. Mmmmm, full tort. Here's the kicker, I have NEVER used that option. In fact, I have never even considered suing anyone I have ever been in an accident with. They have all been accidents, no malice or blatant negligence involved. I'm starting to fall into one of my rants. The whole litigation society thing. It makes my blood boil. Resolve things on your own, take responsibility for your actions, courtesy and respect, blah-blah-blah. SIGH In any event, once we get the cash, I'll start looking for the Mrs's new (read: used) Ford Taurus.

In lighter news, I was reading my usual battery of blogs and sites when I happened upon a posting from Erik. Makes me feel good that I can bring some joy/happiness/non-un-happiness to other peoples lives. Hey Erik, keep up the good fight! And don't get so worked up over the neighbor-hood punks, they will be in your shoes some day. Karma or something. All it is doing for you now is making your stomach sour. Get yourself a metal mail-box that locks or something. I replaced my mail box with a new one a while back (pre-kids) and have not had any problems with it yet. Of course, it's one of those monster ones that you can park a AC130 gun-ship in. And the post is a 4x6 with 5' of it buried in the ground. Heh, it could probably stop the snow-plow that took out the other one. Stop it dead in its tracks, its blade wrapped around it like a Christmas gift. If not, the next post will be a steel I-Beam.

On the kid-front, it was a hard day. I'm back to picking up the kids in the Saturn. It's like trying to re-fill a can of worm. Jacob is doing his best to avoid me by diving from the drivers seat to the passenger side while Alexis arches her back to keep from being buckled in. They don't like my car very much, it doesn't have the vantage point for looking out the windows that the van has. When I picked up Jacob, he had a new set of clothes on. He had a little blow-out. Ever since his sour stomach bout on Sunday and Monday, his 'stool' has been quite, ummm, fluid. If you don't catch him when he soils himself, it seems to migrate out of his diaper and up his back. It's not an experience I envy. Especially with Jake the Jovial Jostler. He twists and turns and makes changing him like trying to hold a set of springs down. You let go of one leg or arm to do something and it is either in the diaper or he levers himself away from you and ZING! away he goes. Joyce was out of state at the indoctrination session so she didn't get home until about 7:30-7:45ish. I had already gotten the kids bathed and was just settling down to try to get them to drink some milk. So in the end, I pretty much ran the house till about 8:00-8:15 last night and I was dead tired. I ended up just laying on the floor for a while instead of doing anything useful. I thought I was dead tired but for some bizarre reason, I kept on waking up all night long. I don't think I got more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep. Perhaps it was too warm. Perhaps I was thinking too much. Perhaps I should have had a couple of vodka martinis before I went to bed. I'll try that tonight. Since Mrs MDMHVONPA will be home early on Thursday, I'll be mowing the lawn. Then, I will be tired.


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